Very naughty Basset Hound

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bassetbaby Wed 13-Feb-19 16:02:25

8 month old basset hound is by far our most naughtiest dog We've ever had, he's so destructive and so so stubborn.

He's just gone into the study and jumped at the desk, took the wireless mouse off and chewed it into pieces. Also today he jumped up and grabbed dd AirPods off kitchen side and chewed the left one to pieces. He full on charges at you if you have food, and won't stop till you either stand up or eaten it all. He is just so naughty. His sister who were from the same litter, is completely different, and all our other bassets are trained and well behaved and wasn't this bad at his age, he's just a nightmare.
He knows tricks and will do them and we have rigorously trained him to not jump and charge etc, and we continue to train him, he just does not listen, at all!
Only time he is good is during walks as he learnt to not pull and to stay by my side. He's so cuddly too, absolutely loves his evening cuddles with me, just in the day time he becomes the devil child.

Don't really know what to do. Do I just accept I have a naughty dog or will he hopefully grow out of this awful stage?

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bengalcat Wed 13-Feb-19 16:06:55

When mine was a pup I lost count of the number of times I went to PC World with various wires TV / computer etc that had been chewed asking ‘ do you have one of these ‘ - used to amuse them and yes the hound grew out of it

adaline Wed 13-Feb-19 20:53:17

We have a beagle - I so sympathise with the hound stubbornness!

When ours has mad moments we stick him on a lead. He then has no choice but to settle down at our feet and either have a chew or sleep! He's slowly learning to settle on his own so hopefully we'll be able to get rid of the lead in a few months.

How much stimulation is he getting? Mine isn't especially destructive but I've seen other dogs that will rip carpets up, eat sofas and literally bite through doors to get out of rooms. We have A LOT of chews and he get several everyday (with less food at meals to compensate), he has frozen kongs, slow feeder bowls, licky mats and all sorts to keep him occupied as well as loads of rope toys too. He's at daycare three days a week on top of that, and he gets two walks a day as well as mental training.

Eight months was right bang on the worst age for ours. He's one tomorrow and has really calmed down over the last few weeks although he still has a mad bitey phase in the eventing!

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