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Maybeforthelasttime Wed 13-Feb-19 12:35:13

I have a nearly six month old male puppy who is really social and has never shown any aggression towards anything, human or dog. The owner of one of my pup's sisters lives reasonably close, and we thought it might be fun to meet up with the dogs and share stories. Whilst it was an overall fun experience, my pup displayed some aggressive behaviour towards his sister during the walk. He'd chase her, nip her and she'd yelp.

He displayed no such behaviour to any other dog we met during that walk. Strangely, neither of them had any issues being under the same table in the cafe, or posing together for some photos.

I'm a little disappointed they didn't get on as well as I'd have thought, but I wonder if anyone has come across this before. Pup met his other sister coincidentally a couple months back and they had no such issues. Just curious what you guys thought of this. smile

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missbattenburg Wed 13-Feb-19 15:36:21

That would be very difficult to judge without being there but I might be thinking along the lines of:

- he's at a tricky age where behaviour does vary and he tries out different strategies, plus he's about at the time there may be a 2nd fear phase which would mean he is less able to cope with stuff he might have previously not been SO bothered about. Maybe her behaviour in some way upset him?
- dogs behave differently with dogs they know vs strangers (like humans); some of them seem a bit warier of starting something with a stranger but will rag on a dog they know
- they played last time and he was frustrated she wasn't playing again this time so tested out badgering her into playing using some new behaviours
- they played again this time and he got over excited
- he is genuinely starting to display some reactivity to other dogs; at the moment it is just her but, over time, will 'spread'

I am not saying I think it IS any of those, just that they would be lines of enquiry I would follow.

Aprilshowersarecomingsoon Wed 13-Feb-19 15:39:30

Not siblings but we got the dm of our puppy. They are amazingly close-had been apart for over 4 years.
Once took our 2 kittens to visit my friend who had their 2 siblings, only been apart a few weeks and omg they hated ours!! Had to dismantle a recliner chair to get poor dcat out!

pigsDOfly Fri 15-Feb-19 17:19:15

Bumped into the owner of my DD's dog's mother when DD's dog was still a puppy and the mother dog was horrible, growled and snapped in a most non maternal way at her puppy who a few months before she'd been a wonderful mother to.

I did wonder if she realised that it was one of her puppies and she was just making sure that she (puppy) understood that she wouldn't be welcome if she was thinking of moving back into the maternal home.

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