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Dog2 depressed after Dog1's death.

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HowlsMovingBungalow Tue 12-Feb-19 17:25:49

Any tips to help settle the remaining dog?

She's spent all her 3 years with him and now he isn't with us.
She has sat at the door since he left for the vets this weekend to be pts.
She is bouncy when out but unsettled and pacing at home.

It is bloody hard losing a dog sad

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eastwestnorth Tue 12-Feb-19 19:21:57

Mine was very affected by the older dog's death after six years together. It's hard to see, isn't it?

I don't think I did anything in particular that helped her, just kept to the normal routine for walks and meals. I did walk her further and longer as the older dog hadn't been able to go so far latterly. At least the younger one was used to walks on her own as I had taken her out separately sometimes to give her more exercise.
It took quite a while but she did get back to normal eventually. It was a great day when she played with her toys again.

I think some dogs benefit from another dog joining the household, but mine is happy on her own now, and is getting on a bit herself.

Retreatbynameretreatbynature Tue 12-Feb-19 19:44:00

This is making my heart hurt to read tonight. My 11 year old is in the veterinary hospital with suspected prostate cancer 😢 and my younger dog will miss him terribly if the prognosis is as bad as the vet has suggested (we’re waiting for further test results). They played so well together, despite an 8 year age gap, and my eldest boy was kept mentally young as a result. I feel sick tonight with worry and am scared of the likely outcome. I’ve lost two elderly dogs in the past but it doesn’t get any easier, in fact it feels so unbearable as my family have lots of health problems themselves and we lean on our wonderful dogs for comfort, love, laughter, distraction and joy. 💔

eastwestnorth Tue 12-Feb-19 23:19:56

Hoping for a good outcome for your beloved dog, Retreat.

Honeyroar Tue 12-Feb-19 23:31:01

Its horrible to watch. We lost a beloved dog just over a year ago and her best friend of seven years was distraught. He was with her when she died, so understood. We had a third little dog, who tried to console him, but he wasn't himself for quite a while. He was eight, and aged overnight. A few months later we took on another dog of the same breed. While he didn't like him at first, they've become firm friends, and he's perked up. At the time he liked to be cuddled a lot.

My previous dog started dribbling a football up and down the garden when her companion died. She was amazingly talented and did it for hours. Then after about three weeks she stopped playing with it and never did it again. It was like she was taking out her upset and hurt on the football.

Honeyroar Tue 12-Feb-19 23:32:08

And Retreat, fingers crossed for your boy.x

HowlsMovingBungalow Wed 13-Feb-19 07:38:09

Thanks for your replies.

Hoping for positive news for you @Retreat.

Just taking it hour by hour here, Dog2 seems a little more settled today but she isn't herself, which is normal I guess. Dog1 was nearly 15 so his health was slowly ebbing away, dog2 wasn't able to play with him for a long time.

The companionship is the main thing, I have had to leave her to go out and it is the first time she has been completely on her own with no other dog in the house.

Lots of walks today I think.

Thanks again for your experiences.

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HowlsMovingBungalow Wed 13-Feb-19 20:24:05

Any news @Retreatby ?

Had a good walk out with dog2, she bounced into the house looking for dog1 after our jaunt sad

Trying to keep her ( and myself to be honest ) busy with her toys and learning new tricks.

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Retreatbynameretreatbynature Wed 13-Feb-19 22:08:44

I took my DCs to see our beautiful boy today for one last cuddle. My DH will be staying with him until the vet has put him to sleep. It’s heartbreaking and so, so quiet here at home whilst we wait for the dreaded news. I’m trying to explain to the DCs that it’s the kindest thing a pet owner can do, to end the suffering of their precious dog. But it hurts to see them so sad, to contain my own heartache and to be clockwatching. Our other dog has been so subdued without him, these past few days and that’s hard to see too. Our dogs give us so much love and joy, we are blessed to have them in our lives. 😭😭💔💔

Retreatbynameretreatbynature Wed 13-Feb-19 22:10:24

I’m sorry howis for your loss and I completely relate to what you are describing with your other dog. My thoughts are with you.

HowlsMovingBungalow Thu 14-Feb-19 08:18:43

Oh @Retreatby how awful for you all flowers.

I completely understand about the house feeling quiet, I'm finding it hard to adjust to just owning one dog.

Sending thoughts to you and your little ones @Retreatby

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