Bichon Frise Arthritis

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Kate123cl Tue 12-Feb-19 12:33:01

Just after some recommendations if possible please!

We took our 11 year old Bichon Frise to the vet yesterday as we've noticed his back leg become a little stiff after rest. The vet advised we try nutrition supplements for joints and diagnosed him with mild arthritis of the back left knee.

Does anyone have any experience with joint supplements and can recommend a good brand to try?
Thanks smile

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fivedogstofeed Tue 12-Feb-19 13:36:40

Yumove made a big difference to my older dogs, I would highly recommend.
I also now give CBD oil to my 12 year old who has a bad hip, and she does some hydrotherapy every few weeks.

Kate123cl Tue 12-Feb-19 15:02:12

Yumove was the brand I was looking into  @fivedogstofeed smile hydrotherapy is a good idea. Thank you

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basquiatfan Tue 12-Feb-19 18:12:21

I have an 11 year old german shepherd with arthritis and I have found Flexadin to be helpful.

basquiatfan Wed 13-Feb-19 15:12:32

Also I have just started her on CBD oil today. A drop inside a sausage! I have heard good things about it online.

poochuspoochus Thu 14-Feb-19 09:14:57

My 12 year old Lurcher used to be on Yumove but is now on the Viovet version called 'Joint Force'. It's cheaper and seems to be pretty much the same as Yumove except that it also contains turmeric. It might be a coincidence but she's had a better winter for arthritis than when she was on the Yumove so perhaps the turmeric does make the difference. She's less keen on the flavour of the 'Joint Force' though so sometimes eats around it and leaves it in her bowl but will normally eat it at the next meal.

val4 Thu 14-Feb-19 09:28:41

Our Bichon mix dog was diagnosed with arthritis 4 years ago. He was barely able to walk so vet gave him series of injections and we started him on special diet with added oils....its called JD prescription diet joint care. He has no problems now and is jumping all over the place! His back legs went from 'crunching' to smooth movement. Its can only be bought in vets and is expensive but it is miraculous! We had originally tried adding oil to regular food but he wouldn't eat it but he gobbles up this food! Worked in about 2 - 3 months and he only needed one set of injections but we keep him on the special food.


SpanielEars070 Thu 14-Feb-19 09:35:18

We had a lab with arthritis, and we found a course of cartrophen injections helped her enormously, as well as using Yumove (I used the oil not the tablet version). She had 4 injections over 4 weeks and it lasted around 6 months but made her much more comfortable.... even though she was always very quiet for a few days after each injection. Each course cost around £50 at the vets. I'd also recommend a memory foam bed, and no climbing especially stairs.
The other good supplement we used was Joint Aid.

Kate123cl Thu 14-Feb-19 11:24:58

Thanks everyone!

We've bought the Yumove tablets and he seems to be getting on ok with them. CBD oil is a good idea!

We won't be able to change his diet as he's already on a special diet (Specific CKD) for his calcium oxalate stones.

Thanks for all of your recommendationssmile

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