Wont wee on walks since castrated (my dog)

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Jeffz Sun 10-Feb-19 21:17:24

My dog recently had chemical castration which is temporary for 6 months from effect. It seems to have very much taken effect. It has brought back an old issue which is that he will not wee anywhere other than the garden and this is a pain as he is an indoors/outdoors dog and we like to go out to other places and he needs to be able to visit lots of locations . He is 13months and this last week he has completely stopped weeing outside. I have tried:

Plenty of praise
Using my "Do a wee" command which works in the garden but no where else.
I have stood there ready with some treats, but absolutely, he has no intension of going. He has been very anxious, barking at things and not his usual self. I am glad I did not have him properly castrated.

He has been marking in the house since this occurred and I think that basically his safe zone has shrunk. I wish I hadn't done this.

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BiteyShark Sun 10-Feb-19 23:54:06

How long ago was it done? What is the timeframe for it to suppress the testosterone?

The only reson I am asking is whether it is definitely due to the suppression of testosterone or something else especially at that age I found some behaviours sometimes popped back up again for no reason.

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