Phantom Pregnancy?

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spot102 Fri 08-Feb-19 11:42:27

Yes, sounds like a phantom pregnancy. Mine used to get quite grumpy and nest in dark corners. And, yes, lactated for quite a surprisingly long period of time, given no puppies. It passed though (eventually), then she was normal (well for her) for a few months before back in season again.
Much more convenient if they are spayed, it has to be said. If you are not planning to, might be an idea to google things to help (vet also should be able to make useful suggestions), apparently there are some, but I was too mean for that (and, to be fair, unconvinced) and just let her get on with it. Someone here might even be able to help - obviously not me though!

Girlintheframe Fri 08-Feb-19 07:14:53

This happened to one of our dogs. She began producing milk and carrying around her ‘baby’. She whined and cried, was quite upset and drove me bananas!
We took her to the vet, it was a long time ago but as far as I can remember he gave her something to dry up her milk, can’t remember if he gave her anything else. The ‘pregnancy’ lasted for a good few weeks and we then had her spade as it’s generally thought that they will reoccur.

CantRainAllTheTime Fri 08-Feb-19 00:00:19

My dog is 10 months old, she had her first heat about a month ago now. Since last week her behaviour has changed. She has become a velcro dog, glued to my side. She has taken to whining, carrying a soft toy about with her and started digging at my couch or the flooring.

Her appetite is normal, drinking water is normal, her motions are all normal.

My mum suggested she may be having a fake pregnancy as such, does it sound like this may be the case? I love her to pieces but she is driving me slowly insane at the moment!

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