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Would you go to a dog friendly cinema showing? and other questions

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HoraceCope Mon 04-Feb-19 11:35:38

anyone else listened to this?
walk your dog to heel in london is better for your relationship, she says.
i agree with taking my dog to the town, she has a great time sniffing the streets, but loves running free in the fields

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ScreamingValenta Mon 04-Feb-19 11:39:40

It depends whether I thought my dog would enjoy the film! grin

missbattenburg Mon 04-Feb-19 12:17:59

I think urban dogs definitely have some advantages over rural. They tend to be better socialised just because of the greater exposure to a wide variety of dogs and humans. Rural dogs (like mine) tend to get lots of rural walks where we meet the same people and dogs, just because it's a small village. Sometime to be conscious of, and work to reverse, if you're rural.

Despite this, muddy walks through fields is the main reason to have a dog - imo grin

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