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toilet training

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LittleLongDog Sun 03-Feb-19 11:24:45

4 month old puppy. He can wee/poo pretty much on command when in the garden and is taken out every 1-2 hours and after meals and after naps.

But, he will still just as happily wee/poo inside the house! Help!

We praise him for going outside and ignore when he’s gone inside. What else can we do?

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LittleLongDog Sun 03-Feb-19 11:27:36

Disclaimer: he’s a dachshund which I know are a bit stubborn and difficult to toilet train.

I understand when he refuses to poo outside if it’s raining heavily - that’s part of his breed. But I’m talking about the normal, every day sort of house training.

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missbattenburg Sun 03-Feb-19 12:21:18

Keep at it.

4 months old is still young for this, especially for a Dach.

missbattenburg Sun 03-Feb-19 12:23:15

Make sure you are keeping an eye out for signs he needs to go (he will not ask yet). Every time he goes indoors he is having it confirmed that indoors is the place to go. Reduces his chances for this by watching him like a hawk and taking him outside regularly (as you are) plus immediately after waking, playing, eating, drinking plus whenever he starts pacing or sniffing around.

Wolfiefan Sun 03-Feb-19 12:28:33

Every 1-2 hours isn’t that often. You need to take him out on a lead after feeding, drinking, napping and playing and about every half an hour anyway!
The trick it to have him outside whenever he needs to go. Watch him like a hawk inside. Get him out as soon as he looks like he needs to go. And if he doesn’t go when you’re out? Back outside in 10 mins.
Good luck!

LittleLongDog Sun 03-Feb-19 14:33:05

Thanks so much all. We’ll increase our trips outside. We can usually tell when he starts showing signs he needs to go and nip him outside quick enough but he’ll still take us by surprise sometimes!

Wolfie, any reason for going on on a lead specifically as opposed to in the garden but not on a lead? He doesn’t play out there - literally has a little sniff, does a wee/poo, and then comes back inside.

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Wolfiefan Sun 03-Feb-19 16:39:39

Mine wouldn’t! That’s why I used a lead. grin what you don’t want to do is just let them out and assume they go. On a lead makes it clear it isn’t play time.
If you’re on FB there’s a brilliant group called dog training advice and support with fab advice on everything from toilet training to recall. Was a massive help to me.

adaline Mon 04-Feb-19 07:43:52

They need taking out much more often than that - especially dachshunds as they're small with tiny bladders!

We took our beagle out 2-3 times an hour at that age. He didn't always need to go but it meant we avoided accidents as he never got to the point where he was desperate before being taken out it that makes sense?

Also watch him like a hawk - he will show signs he needs to go, you just need to be paying attention!

LittleLongDog Mon 04-Feb-19 08:44:16

We started off taking him out every 20mins/half an hour when we was teeny tiny, but have increased that. Possibly too much by the sounds of it!

Took it back down yesterday to about every hour and had a really successful day with it.

That makes sense Wolfie! Luckily for us he hates being cold outside (unless he’s all wrapped up for a walk) and as it’s winter he literally goes outside, gets the job done, and comes back in. We go out with him and just stand still and wait. It’s only a small area that he has access to so you can see when he’s gone.

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missbattenburg Mon 04-Feb-19 09:20:29

Took it back down yesterday to about every hour and had a really successful day with it.

Good stuff!!

adaline Mon 04-Feb-19 14:25:51

Oh I'm glad it worked - good luck!

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