Would you take a puppy that has previously been returned to breeder?

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twinkletoedelephant Sat 02-Feb-19 21:38:52

That was my first thought.

I think we will pass and wait for a puppy Ifrom a home i have no qualms about. It will be part of our family for 10years we can wait for the right pup to come along ;)

I disntcwant to be constantly thinking and watching him for 'odd behaviour... I want to be teaching and snuggling

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CMOTDibbler Sat 02-Feb-19 21:31:17

I'd worry that this wasn't genuine tbh. Pups are very adaptable when young, but the 'returned as death in the family' is an incredibly common puppy farmer tactic

Myranium Sat 02-Feb-19 19:34:45

If I was happy with the how the breeder does things (breeding goals, choice of parents, health testing, COIs, puppy raising, frequency of litters, etc.) and trusted them then yes, I would.

Shmithecat Sat 02-Feb-19 18:54:54

It wouldn't bother me that it had been returned for that reason. They would only have had it a couple of weeks. Poor thing. I'd just be interested in the health testing of the parents more than anything else, those results could have more of an impact on the dog long term than a short stay at another house.

twinkletoedelephant Sat 02-Feb-19 18:51:57

Just that really, pup was returned at 12 weeks as death in family.....

I really wanted a young pup as our last dog was a rescue with a lot of issues and was very reactive. Would pup likely be more than just confused about moving about at such a young age?

Pup is a lab doddle cross

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