Dog won’t poo in the garden!!!

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crispysausagerolls Sat 02-Feb-19 15:50:18

At my wit’s end! 2 and a half year old working cocker. Fully house trained. We moved house 9 months ago and he will only poo on a walk since we moved, he just won’t go in the garden! What that means is if we walk him later than usual (eg afternoon not morning) he will just Poo in the house!!!!!!!!!!! Happened today! It’s a complete disaster as we have a crawling baby.

How the hell do we solve this?!

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Thisisthelaststraw Sat 02-Feb-19 15:57:32

Get a sand box for the garden and put one of his house poos into it. Be careful to watch for first time he use and praise him like mad.

He should get used to it and only use it which keeps the garden poo free for dc as he grows and is playing outside.

Wallywobbles Sat 02-Feb-19 16:00:38

We have a deal with the dogs, when we let them out in the morning we take them 200m and they shit and piss then. Strict routine. Then we are off the hook for quite a while.

NotPennysBoat Sat 02-Feb-19 16:17:31

Agree with routine. We trained ours as a pup not to poo or wee in the garden (it was a very small fully decked area). We've moved house twice since and he still won't go in the garden! We walk him literally 100m down the street first thing in the morning and last thing at night, as well as a proper walk during the day. It suits him and us and he toilets reliably every time!

redtulip12 Sat 02-Feb-19 16:19:22

My working cocker is the same. Generally it's great as means kids can play in garden with no worry about dog mess but it does mean I have to take him out every morning before 11 which occasionally is a pain. He doesn't poo in the house if we stick to this routine.

crispysausagerolls Sat 02-Feb-19 17:08:43

Ok I will try nipping him out - it’s not ideal with baby and also I am worried about him
Thinking it’s a proper walk until he gets into the routine (could always get DH to do it first thing?!)

You are right, much better not in the garden with children using it!

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crosstalk Sat 02-Feb-19 17:20:36

OP my bitch has never pooed in the garden, only ever on walks. I've now moved somewhere with very little garden and so it continues and too old to reliably train for a sandbox. So it's out for quarter of an hour every morning for the 10am poo, armed liberally with poo bags. Then the very much longer walk in the afternoon.

If your baby is in a pram or stroller, you can stop to remove poo - if it's in a carry or sling not so easy and it is vital (though you can buy pooperscoopers). Helps if there are dogbins around or you have one of your own conveniently situated.

If it's a trained working cocker it will adapt fast if your husband can take him out very first thing and encourage him - and keep doing so. But it depends when you feed him. Talk to your vet.

Also a good way of training your baby that 0930 is a great time to face the weather for 15 minutes! Aaargf. Whatever you do make sure you have total control of dog and baby .....


Disfordarkchocolate Sat 02-Feb-19 17:24:41

Dog not allowed to poo or wee in the garden here, so much better for children. A short walk will be fine when you get into routine, longer walks are for fun and exercise. Good luck.

Shoveitupyourbum Sat 02-Feb-19 17:28:06

I have the opposite, my dog won't poo on his walks, only in the garden!

crispysausagerolls Sat 02-Feb-19 17:37:28

I absolutely love this idea now! Husband going to start it from tomorrow - thank you all very much!

Baby comment was more the faff of getting his coat on and into buggy or carrier for a 5 min trip out but I realise how lazy that makes me sound 😂

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