Post- Neutering Swelling - bloody hell!

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YoureAllABunchOfBastards Sat 02-Feb-19 13:29:50

BastardPup had his op on Wednesday. He is now lying on his back with his head in my lap and everything on display. Dear God, he looks like Buster Gonad from Viz...

DH insists that previous dog was the same but I must have blocked that memory.

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BiteyShark Sat 02-Feb-19 13:42:40

BiteyDog ha lots of swelling and for a while it looked like he still was entire grin

tabulahrasa Sat 02-Feb-19 13:45:24

My last one did that, it went all sore and bruised for ages as well... previous ones weren’t like that, a bit of swelling, but not bad...

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