Dog GPS Trackers

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billybagpuss Sat 02-Feb-19 08:33:19

Does anyone use them, can anyone recommend or advise avoidance with certain brands or methods?

Someone mentioned one the other day on here and for the life of me I can't find it. I think we could do with something for Billypup when she's having a reactive '2 paws up' at you moment and disappears. They do seem very expensive, are they worth it?

I am now probably 95% confident in her recall, the problem is the other 5% she goes from perfect puppy to a complete disappearing act.

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doggydoodoo1 Sat 02-Feb-19 08:54:21

Am watching this with interest as we have a dog who likes to chase after foxes in a neighbours garden.

missbattenburg Sat 02-Feb-19 09:57:04

It was the dog tracker nano mentioned the other day. Looks good, but expensive.

Avoid Tractive - absolutely useless. Just a gimmick.

missbattenburg Sat 02-Feb-19 10:00:00

BiteyShark Sat 02-Feb-19 11:01:33

I used one which had a 30 day if you didn't like it you could return it guarantee. Can't remember the brand.

It really depends where you walk. Mine could switch network providers but even then it just couldn't cope in the forest even though my phone could. I also worked out that my dog could run far faster than that could track even though I had a 10 second tracking rate. One day they had issues with their servers and I couldn't track him at all which would have been a problem if he had got lost that day.

I therefore worked out that it just wasn't for me and couldn't give me what I needed which was reassurance so I returned it.

If the technology improves that it can track fast moving dogs in hard terrains like thick forest then I would consider getting one again because even the best trained dog can get spooked.

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