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Does anyone cook for their dogs?!

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BuildingQuote Fri 01-Feb-19 18:32:00

I know this is a strange question but I am completely overresearching what is best for dogs ahead of getting our first , and watched quite a convincing video about dog health and concern about even very good dry foods. I also don’t like the idea of raw as it might be fine for the dog but the bacteria might be less good for our DC or us?
So I wondered whether could combine dry food (as I don’t have unlimited time and if we ever travel it would be useful to have her used to it still) with cooking scraps from our butcher and adding leftover veg but I feel worried about it as have no idea what is best. Could I add tinned sardines? Egg? I just want to include some healthy foods that aren’t processed / typical pet food . Or do feel free to tell me I’m being too precious as feel back to being a first time parent especially after reading how many dogs get cancer and shouldn’t eat rice etc as not natural for them...?

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BiteyShark Fri 01-Feb-19 18:37:16

Are you planning on getting a puppy? If you are I would be very concerned about getting the balance right to ensure correct development and growth on a diy diet. Now mine is an adult I am far more relaxed although I do still buy complete foods.

I feed mine a mix of good quality grain free high meat content wet food. He has biscuits, cooked chicken (and at Christmas cooked turkey), and raw carrots as treats.

I have fed scrambled egg and cooked cod fillets in the past but as a supplement rather than his main diet.

BiteyShark Fri 01-Feb-19 18:39:31

Sorry I should have said have a look at You can compare brands, quality and price across all types of food (raw, wet, dry, cooked etc).

Aprilshowersarecomingsoon Fri 01-Feb-19 18:42:37

Ddogs have tinned +dry food and home cooked veg every day!
Raw veg and non hide chews- (and dog biscuits occasionally) .

PotteryGirl Fri 01-Feb-19 18:51:54

Both dogs have a premium complete dry food. They have fish on the top on a Friday..tinned mackerel in oil..biscuits and chews as treats. I cook chicken and rice if they're sick and scrambled egg every now and again..👍🏻

Ethel80 Fri 01-Feb-19 18:52:09

You really don't need to worry about bacteria if you feed raw. Just keep the bowl clean and away from crawling children. In my experience, the food will never be around for very long when you raw feed unlike when they have kibble.

There is loads of info around about how to know what to feed them according to their age and weight and it's cheaper than a good dry food.

You probably will need another little freezer though unless you plan to buy food weekly. We get ours delivered monthly.

Ours love fish, eggs, lots of veg. Sometimes some leftover rice or pasta.

It's a great way to feed them and had loads of health benefits.

feliciabirthgiver Fri 01-Feb-19 18:58:35

Check out Nature's Harvest - steamed human grade quality dog food, maybe what you are looking for, and highly recommend by my lovely lab (who despite being a lab does not like dry complete food).

BuildingQuote Fri 01-Feb-19 19:22:57

Thank you so much as this is really interesting. If anyone is interesting the video I found which really criticises dog food (even the better ones it seems) is here.

I like the sound of Nature’s harvest, thank you, and of oily mackerel which sounds ideal. Ethel80 that sounds just what I want to do too and regarding the bacteria it’s more from the dog’s mouth and from licking I am concerned as have read an article warning about this if they are eating raw - the dog will deal well with bacteria but we don’t . But our DC are 8+ so not crawling or anything .

Yes , she is a puppy ! And 7 weeks still so we are very excited waiting

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BuildingQuote Fri 01-Feb-19 19:24:06

I obviously meant if anyone is interested not interesting grin

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Ethel80 Fri 01-Feb-19 20:20:27

@BuildingQuote I've never read anything about bacteria passing from them after raw feeding and much worse stuff goes in their mouths! Mine has just come over and jumped on me after licking his balls for a good 5 minutes. Dogs are a bit grim. smile

Floralnomad Fri 01-Feb-19 20:23:46

I make mine scrambled egg and bacon every morning for his breakfast but he has forthglade wet and kibble for tea .

spot102 Sat 02-Feb-19 13:48:06

I cooked for my previous dog, but to be fair in her lifetime she had everything kibble, wet, cooked and raw. Used to give her table scraps, eggs, cooked up veg, raw bones, rice etc, just kept it varied and supplemented with proprietary food if I ran out of time or ingredients. Also some foods they are not to have eg grapes, chocolate, onions etc (do check if you don't know this not exhaustive)

You do need to do your research if you are going to make it yourself long-term just to ensure you get it properly balanced and personally I would be inclined to go for a pre-prepared puppy food, just to get the balance of nutrients right, to give puppy best start. But you may be good at research and have plenty of time in which case go for it!

There is a current thread on here re feeding raw and shedding bacteria which you might find interesting, would recommend you read it. I strongly suspect the risks are overstated, but they are there, you would have to make your own mind up about that!

My biggest reservation with cooking is that I like to feed smallish bones (chicken, sheep etc) and you can't if you cook them. Well definitely not the chicken anyway, and arguably the others. Reasons I like to feed them include teeth health and the fact the dogs actually have to chew (and do enjoy it) so the meals last longer. I also think it helps with teething. Nutritionally the bones are also important, hence pet mince you buy contains bones (ground up).

Tika77 Sat 02-Feb-19 14:04:18

My dad used to cook for the dogs he brwad. We’re taking giant breeds. The only dowside was the smell.

BuffyChiro Sat 02-Feb-19 14:16:57

I cook for my dog - she’s only small so I make a big batch every 3 - 4 weeks and freeze it in smaller portions (say 3 days worth) and take out a bag as needed. I’ve done this since she was a puppy.

I stick to a mix of 50% meat, 35- 40% veg and then the rest is carby-grain type stuff. Usually she has beef and turkey mince, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, sweet potato, a small amount of rice, and around 3 eggs. I then add a mix of seeds (whatever I’ve got in the cupboard - as long as it’s okay for dogs - grind up the eggshells into a very fine powder and add that in, and also usually add some tuna too. It varies slightly - I substitute the green beans for peas, tuna for another fish etc, but the ratios stay the same.

BuffyChiro Sat 02-Feb-19 14:18:06

I usually add a small amount of dry food to each of her meals as well

Ethel80 Sat 02-Feb-19 15:02:22

@Floralnomad I though pork was something that dogs shouldn't have too much of and that bacon was a hard no, partly because of salt content. I'm sure I read that it's linked to pancreatitis.

Floralnomad Sat 02-Feb-19 15:35:25

He only has a rasher or 2 of streaky broken into pieces and he’s perfectly healthy .

Ethel80 Sat 02-Feb-19 15:47:40

A rasher or two a day isn't a little bit. Dogs can't digest it the way we can.

BuildingQuote Sun 03-Feb-19 03:35:39

Huge thanks for so much useful info. There is so much to think about and I looked at the puppy food orijen to compare ingredients and it is mainly ‘Cage-free chicken and turkey, nest-laid eggs, and wild-caught walleye and herring- and zinc’
I think it has veg too. So I am growing more confident homecooked has to compare well as hasn’t been processed and dried! Though also aware I may not have the time always and buffychiro I found your description of what you do really helpful too and wonder whether you buy pet mince or where you buy your meat.
It was also helpful to learn about pet mince having bone and that bone is good

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Littleraindrop15 Sun 03-Feb-19 03:42:42

My dog goes through phases where he will eat dry food and then stop so I do bit of both cook and feed dry food.

Meat, brown rice and some vegetables get all mashed with a blender. Or I just give him the meat x

TheLovleyChebbyMcGee Sun 03-Feb-19 03:51:31

Please DO worry about bacteria when raw feeding. I work in health care and there was a family that had a 4 week old infant catch salmonella and the only possible source was the raw feeding of the family pets.

Now, maybe their hygiene surrounding either the raw feeding or regarding their child was awful, but it is something to consider!

Smotheroffive Sun 03-Feb-19 03:54:02

Please don't spoil ddogs food by cooking it! Mine eat up all our leftovers, plus raw carrots and broccoli and raw eggs

For dpups you can do a tripe dinner, an egg and porridge type meal (breakfast?!), a raw chicken wings, and some raw veggies, mix about with the protein, so include some fish, only if tummy loose I would include rice boiled in chicken stock water to soothe tums.

Ooo feeding dpups, awww! Good luck OP. Your breeder should be advising you.

Smotheroffive Sun 03-Feb-19 03:55:31

We handle raw chicken and meats anyway so I am not understanding why its a risk handling it for ddgso?

user1497787065 Sun 03-Feb-19 04:08:06

A low calorie complete food and a chicken thigh with skin removed each day supplemented with stolen cat food when he has the opportunity.

TheLovleyChebbyMcGee Sun 03-Feb-19 06:04:39

Because the pets can get it on their paws and faces then we pet them and get it on ours, or the pet drools on the floor, or the couch? I know people will say they wash their hands after touching their pets, but really, after every time?

Like I said, it's a small risk, but a real one.
Especially for a young animal that may be boisterous when feeding!

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