Yappy bloody dogs!

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Aprilshowersarecomingsoon Wed 30-Jan-19 15:17:36

Am I wrong to think owners of yappy ddogs are entitled so and so's or just the ones where I live??
Dh took unsociable ddog out today, far end of the beach which is the best opportunity to have her off the lead. Only if no dodgs in sight. Lots of ankle height ddogs off leads today unfortunately. Yapping around ddogs ankles!!
Ddog was very restrained and only grumbled with hair up!! Signs apparently oblivious to the owners +ddogs! One owner threw a ball for her ddog right at my ddogs feet!!
Being a large man of 6'4 my dh didn't voice his feelings for fear of being taken as aggressive - he really isn't!! But ddog was very distressed and he ended up taking her home!! If we are out and our ddogs are off lead it's straight on as a hint for others to do the same!
Ddog is a ten st rottweiler and they all but sacrificed their little darlings to her!!
Gold star to her for being so restrained imo!
Will it take her wearing a muzzle to make people lead up their ddogs? Is a coloured collar /bandana worth considering or a stick to pole them away with?!
*our Husky was attacked by a terrier last year, her leaded, it not.
Minefield just going for a ddog walk round our way!!

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spot102 Wed 30-Jan-19 16:23:04

Someone on here was saying they had a yellow coat etc denoting nervous dog. I would assume very visible, but hadn't heard of it before so would be interested to know if this was actually recognised by the general public.
To be fair I don't think its just small yappy ones, but they definitely are the worst. The one that caused me the most aggro had a border collie. He used to throw balls for it and then complained when the other dogs joined in.
Muzzle definitely gets you treated as some sort of pariah. It was great to be left alone!

Wolfiefan Wed 30-Jan-19 16:26:20

The yellow meaning give the dog space is fairly well known round here. But not everyone will know it.
Pisses me off when little dogs behave in a way that wouldn’t be unacceptable in my giant breed. We often get told their dog “just doesn’t like big dogs”! And that apparently makes it fine for the little buggers to launch at my dog barking and growling.

missbattenburg Wed 30-Jan-19 16:28:52

The yellow coat/lead thing is not recognised much, ime.

I wish it were because I think it's a great way to clearly signal a dog needs space.

My own suspicion is that there is less incentive to train and understand dogs to the same extent if your dog is a small one. Not saying I morally agree with that statement, just that I can see how that happens.

housebuyingnewbie Wed 30-Jan-19 16:52:05

OP I totally sympathise with your dealings with badly trained dogs but if I see a dog off lead I would never put mine on a lead. I would assume that your dog is not anti social and is well trained. If your dog was ON a lead that would be an entirely different matter and those other owners should totally put their dogs on a lead.

The yellow jacket / ribbon is legally not advisable by the way. If the worst were to happen you can face harsher penalties as by using the yellow warning you have admitted that your dog is reactive. A well meaning but not very well thought out idea sadly.

Aprilshowersarecomingsoon Wed 30-Jan-19 18:44:57

I actually bought ddog a muzzle last year, first night out - less ddogs - we sat on a bench to distract her from pulling at it - and a man with a little spaniel actually walked towards us to also sit down!! I did suggest he go sit elsewhere! Ddog was going nuts!! Felt very vulnerable with the muzzle on so gave up with it.

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LittleLongDog Wed 30-Jan-19 19:36:25

Definitely try the yellow lead & harness. It’s only going to get more well known if people see it. You can get ones that say ‘nervous’ on them.


pigsDOfly Thu 31-Jan-19 23:58:39

Not all owners of small dog are entitled and their dogs badly trained - I'm assuming by yappy you mean small.

My dog who is small and hairy is very well trained and I expect the same level of behaviour from her as I would from any medium or large dog I owned.

We do a lot of recall practice when she's off lead in the park and I know I can rely on her to recall as soon as I call her to me.

She certainly would never run up to any other dog and run round their ankles, or bark at them either.

She's had plenty of large dogs run at her, once three at the same time.

I can assure it isn't just small dogs that aren't trained properly, there's an awful lot of large ones that aren't trained properly as well.

tabulahrasa Fri 01-Feb-19 15:26:06

I think you’re being a bit unrealistic to expect people to recall their dog if yours is offlead tbh.

Aprilshowersarecomingsoon Fri 01-Feb-19 19:38:49

My ddog was on a lead. Hair up, growling and clearly pd off!!

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BiteyShark Fri 01-Feb-19 19:43:44

I have had large bouncy dogs as well as little ones run up to me dog. I don't think the size of the dog really matters but the attitude of the owner.

tabulahrasa Fri 01-Feb-19 21:17:34

Ah, sorry, it did read like she was off - which is why I was a bit confused tbh, lol.

In that case, muzzle her if she’s likely to bite, but, it doesn’t really help with dogs coming over, sensible owners will keep their dogs away... but they do if your dogs on lead anyway.

If you do put a muzzle on, you can’t just put it on, you need to spend some time muzzle training.

IMO, you could muzzle her, bedeck her in yellow and stick hazard lights on and people will still let their dogs come over - and blame you because she’s a rottie...

Aprilshowersarecomingsoon Fri 01-Feb-19 21:23:37

Was thinking of a taser....

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wheelwarrior Sat 02-Feb-19 14:57:03

I am currently on 3rd week antibiotics as small dog jumped up at me apparently only being friendly. It just wanted to say hello
Yet if my 36kg dog did that people quite rightly be cross .When pushed him down of my leg man said was over reacting (am in powerchairs so it could also got squashed dancing round my wheels anyway

Thing is I have circulation issues (paraplegia )and diabetes now facing Iv if this course not clear .

Sadly not all owners think hmm if I not accept that from large dog then I won't allow my little dog to do it

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