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When to PTS

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pjmama99 Wed 30-Jan-19 09:10:09

Would you PTS a very elderly dog who has become incontinent due to progressive kidney failure? Otherwise generally content mostly, but having to wear a dog diaper most of the time, which deals ok with drips but doesn’t handle a full size wee. DH reluctant to make the call, but it worries me how content a dog can be when she’s waking up soaked in her own urine regularly. She’s also deaf and partially blind so any changes to her routine she finds very stressful and just trembles, so she hates being washed and having the daiper changed. I’d be grateful for your opinions and experiences thank you.

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missbattenburg Wed 30-Jan-19 09:31:30

Only you can really make that call but things I would be using as measures would be:

- how much of the day does she enjoy? For example, does she still enjoys meals, fuss or walks
- how bad is the rest of the day for her? If changing and washing her is very distressing, does this out weigh the good times?
- how likely is it that life will improve? Or is it all just further downhill from here?

I would not keep a dog alive who no longer has any significant nice times in the day, does have significant bad times and who does not have a realistic chance of it getting better.

flowers, though. It's a rubbish decision to make and losing them is heartbreaking.

HoraceCope Wed 30-Jan-19 09:36:03

You will know op, someone told me that when they wet their bed is the time, but it is a personal decision regarding quality of life

Daytimetellysucks Wed 30-Jan-19 09:43:04

flowers it’s a horrible decision to make

We had our dog PTS 3 weeks ago. He wasn’t elderly but did have a health condition which was deteriorating.

We went down the route of whether he was still enjoying life, whether he was in any pain, whether any of the medication or visits to the vet had nasty side effects or caused him distress

He was still excited to see us when we came home, he still sneaked upstairs at night to sleep on DD’s bed, he was still raiding bins and he still loved going to the beach, etc, etc

Then one day it was like the light went out and we knew it was time

adaline Wed 30-Jan-19 11:17:26

It doesn't sound like the dog has much of a life to me flowers

I think I would PTS - better a day too early than a day too late.

nanny2012nanny Thu 31-Jan-19 16:19:46

I had my 12 year old terrier put to sleep on Tuesday, I walked in from work, took one look at her and rang the vets, only you know your own dog and know what quality of life she’s having. 💞💞💞💞 never an easy decision x

pjmama99 Thu 31-Jan-19 17:03:13

Thanks everyone x

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