Help please with dog food wet/dry conversion.

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florentina1 Tue 29-Jan-19 12:01:23

How much dry dog food would you give to be the equivalent of 400 grams of wet. Is there any form of conversion table. I don’t know if it is any help but the wet food is Lily’s Kitchen and the dry is Essentials Estate Living.

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WatcherOfTheNight Tue 29-Jan-19 12:09:16

Do you k is the weight of your dog ? That's generally how to judge the rough guide .
Also ,are you doing a gradual switch?

florentina1 Tue 29-Jan-19 12:23:18

She is 16 kg and currently has 50 gram dry for throughout the day and 400 wet for evening meal. She maintains her weight really well but financialy the Lily’s is a strain. I am not sure which way to go yet but need a ball park figure for the evening meal. All the google enquiries just confuse me,

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WatcherOfTheNight Tue 29-Jan-19 15:45:10

It can get confusing & yes wet is more expensive.
Why don't you up dry & lower the wet ?
With all the moisture in wet I don't think it's as filling but obviously they love the smell grin

I had a look at the brand you feed ,it's expensive for 50 % meat & a lot of potatoes too ,there are higher meat content for that price available if that could be an option?

One of my dogs is around the same weight ,he's on between 160 -170g Millies Wolfheart per day ,it's 80 % meat with a little wet or fish ,but he will also eat it without .

WatcherOfTheNight Tue 29-Jan-19 15:50:25

Forgot to add ,I tend to go by the dogs poo to know how much to feed ,everything written on the packs is just a guideline,some need more ,some less.
I weigh the daily amount of dry & split though the day.
In the beginning I gave the recommended amount, upping or lowering the amount slightly until it their poo was right & wasn't too wet or too dry .

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