For those that use a dog walker is this an unreasonable request?

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cowfacemonkey Mon 28-Jan-19 15:39:19

Been using our dog walker for well over a year. She's reliable, flexible and I trust her with ddog (rescue, lovely but a nervous nelly at times).
She has taken on an employee as she wants to grow her business and messaged me last week to say this new person would be taking over ddog's walks and once dbs is through new person will hold our key.

I've asked for new person's contact details and for her to pop round and see me so I can meet her first. As ddog can be nervous I want to check his interaction with her and be she understands how to manage his lead reactivity. I would also like to know who has a key to my house! I so far have had no response at all to this request (it's been four days) and as she is due to start walking him this week I just wanted to gage if I'm being unreasonable. I have no qualms in admitting I am very precious about my ddog and I am quite disappointed he won't be continuing with current dog walker.

What would your response be here?

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ApplestheHare Mon 28-Jan-19 15:46:50

I don't think the request is unreasonable but if you go into meeting the employee feeling disappointed that seems a bit unfair on him or her.

Saucery Mon 28-Jan-19 15:50:46

I’m with you. Someone you’ve never met holding a key to your house? Nope, YANBU. You’ve gone through the process of getting your dog used to the original dog walker and I wouldn’t be happy to hand her over to someone new either.

Nesssie Mon 28-Jan-19 15:51:37

Not unreasonable at all. You are trusting your dog and your whole house to someone you haven't met! I would contact again.

My dog would not react very well to someone he hasn't met before coming into the house and taking him. Hes friendly to everyone but he will most likely try to run off back home as he won't know this person.

cowfacemonkey Mon 28-Jan-19 15:52:43

Yes I agree I would certainly try not to convey that (have been in that position myself and it's not fun!) I would be perfectly polite and friendly but as prices have increased 25% this month (which I assume is to help cover the cost of expanding) I do want to be happy with who is doing the job.

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Aprilshowersarecomingsoon Mon 28-Jan-19 15:53:25

You wouldn't send your dc off with a stranger!! Ddog no different!
End of!!

Pissedoffdotcom Mon 28-Jan-19 15:53:56

Not unreasonable at all & having had reactive dogs I fully understand why you want to meet them. I had to choose my walkers very carefully for one of my dogs & he still ended up in a position that he shouldn't have been put in, that resulted in him having a fight with another dog.

If you don't hear back I would message again. You have a right to meet whoever has a key to your house too!


Fortheloveofscience Mon 28-Jan-19 15:54:28

YANBU. I wouldn’t let someone I’d never met walk my dogs.

cowfacemonkey Mon 28-Jan-19 15:57:13

I think she has met him once and if he were a more confident dog I would be less phased about it. Gah original dog walker is lovely and I don't want to be pushy but am going to have to message her again aren't I? I think I'm peeved that she hasn't responded to my message either.

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Pissedoffdotcom Mon 28-Jan-19 15:58:59

Just send a very frank message saying why you want her to pop round. If the dog walker gives a damn about the dogs she walks she will get it. It is also good business etiquette!!!

Yearofthemum Mon 28-Jan-19 16:00:29

YANBU. I suspect the delay is because she hasn't got a contract to show you.

Yearofthemum Mon 28-Jan-19 16:01:03

Ignore me. You said contact not contract.

cowfacemonkey Mon 28-Jan-19 16:03:58

How does this sound?

I just wondered if you had discussed with YY about popping over to meet me before she starts walking ddog? Obviously if she will be holding keys to the house I need to meet her and would just like to make sure she is aware of ddog's lead reactivity and how to manage it. Also ddog isn't great around strangers in the house at the minute and I don't want to stress him out or put YY in a difficult position either. I know she's due to start walking him this week so it would be great if she could visit sooner rather than later.

Thanks Cowface

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MegaBat Mon 28-Jan-19 16:08:48

I think I'd go with a ' hi, just wondered if you'd received my previous message?' first.

Gives her a chance to respond to the original

You're perfectly reasonable in what you are saying though

cowfacemonkey Mon 28-Jan-19 16:11:54

Good idea will send that now. Thanks for all the posts I’m glad I’m not being totally neurotic!

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Saucery Mon 28-Jan-19 17:06:43

That sounds perfectly reasonable. If I were a dog walker I certainly wouldn’t want to walk into a house to pick up a dog that didn’t know me, either!

Spicylolly Mon 28-Jan-19 17:51:55

I'm a dog walker and if I were taking someone else on I'd definitely ask you first if A) you were happy with a new walker taking over from me and B) when could we both come and visit you to all meet up. I would never ever just assume a client would be happy with me handing over your house keys let alone not meeting you and your dog first.
Hope you get it sorted 👍

Villanellesproudmum Mon 28-Jan-19 17:56:00

I have a dog walker who also employs around 4 other walkers. She met our dog to decide which walker would be best suited, we then also met them both together, dog present during all these meetings. Not unreasonable.

mrsjoyfulprizeforraffiawork Mon 28-Jan-19 18:37:03

I had this with my dogwalker who had been walking my previous dog for about 6 years and, after that dog's demise, current dog for a year or so. When she took my new dog on, she did mention that she might be reducing her dogwalking clients a bit in the future (as her family circumstances had changed). She did walk my new dog for a year or a bit more and then asked if I'd mind if another lady she knew (well) took over my dogwalking and she would remain on call if there were any problems/times she could not do. She assured me that she trusted this lady implicitly (and, indeed, apparently had already introduced her to my dog and they had walked together). I actually had such trust in my lovely dogwalker that I accepted it (and my current dog is quite sociable and easy to walk). It has turned out fine. However, if my dog had been a less straightforward charge (like yours), I would definitely have wanted to meet the new lady first. I have now lots of times and she is lovely.

cowfacemonkey Mon 28-Jan-19 19:01:56

Hmm ok not an ideal response. She wants to be point the main point of contact herself so no contact details of new person and she said when new persons dbs comes through she thinks it will be great for me to meet new walker. Why not before?
Other main issue is that the new walker will be taking ddog from Wednesday this week alone (original walker is going to let her in and out of house until dbs comes through so won’t have keys).
Feeling peeved at how she’s managed this change over to be honest. I knew a while ago that she planned to take someone on but assumed there would be advanced notice and meetings.

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Fortheloveofscience Mon 28-Jan-19 19:04:56

Nah I wouldn’t be ok with that. How easy do you think it’ll be to find a new walker?

Fortheloveofscience Mon 28-Jan-19 19:05:51

I’m more relaxed about who I let have my house keys compared to who I let walk my dogs!!

BiteyShark Mon 28-Jan-19 19:07:06

I am really very relaxed when it comes to expectations of dog walkers etc given some threads I have seen on here. However, that response is bizarre. Yes it's good that she won't be letting the other walker have your key until the checks are through but why rushing the walking without proper introductions.

NorthEndGal Mon 28-Jan-19 19:09:28

I'd give her notice that you will be seeking a new walker.
Increase in cost, not returning a message promptly, making unilateral decisions...what's next?

Thunderpunt Mon 28-Jan-19 19:13:08

I imagine she doesn't want to hand over new walkers details in case you tried to contact direct and cut her out at some point, however I think she is unreasonable not to arrange a meeting beforehand.

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