Help finding a food for dog with allergies

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DogWithAllergies Mon 28-Jan-19 13:47:55


Our lovely dog has been diagnosed with allergies. I'm hoping someone might be able to assist in tracking down a suitable food.

My dog is allergic too:
- Beef
- Lamb
- Chicken
- Turkey
- Soya bean
- Corn
- Wheat
- Rice
- Pea

The pea allergy is particularly bothersome because a lot of the fish and potato foods we have found contain pea fibre or pea protein. It's driving us crazy - we just want our ddog to be okay.

Any help of advice would be gratefully received.

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WatcherOfTheNight Mon 28-Jan-19 13:56:30

Have a look at Millies Wolfheart Op ,they've a few single protein foods that should suit.
Also ,they a nutritionist you can speak too for advice .

BiteyShark Mon 28-Jan-19 13:57:02

Have you looked at Millie wolfheart? I don't think their new highland mix (duck and boar) or gamekeepers (salmon, rabbit, goat and trout) lists any pea products on their website but might be worth giving them a call to confirm.

Myranium Mon 28-Jan-19 15:06:32

All About Dog Food lets you search for foods by ingredients to avoid.

DogWithAllergies Sun 03-Feb-19 16:06:10

Just dropping by to say thank you. We've started making the transition to Millie's. My dog was previously fed Eden. Millie's were fantastic in relation to their customer care and my dog seems to be enjoying the new food. All great so far!

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BiteyShark Sun 03-Feb-19 16:19:37

That's good. I found Millie's really good but unfortunately my fussy dog went off the flavours sad

WatcherOfTheNight Tue 05-Feb-19 13:41:46

That's great news @DogWithAllergies ,I'm glad you found them helpful,I have to say I've found the same with their customer service & my lot are excellent on it .

My eldest 2 are 6 1/2 & 6 , no one believes us when we say that until we show them the labs little white chin whiskers!
DHs parents dogs were swapped over when they became irritated by a previous food ,they are now 9 & 8 ,both super fit & healthy too.

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