Best food for older dog that needs to lose some weight?

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BertrandRussell Mon 28-Jan-19 08:35:43

My Border has put on a bit too much weight over the holidays blush. What’s the best commercial dog food to help her lose it? Along with an extra walk a day, of course.

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BasiliskStare Mon 28-Jan-19 11:30:01

I have two borders - One cannot run enough and vet always says he has perfect shape and can feel his ribs. Younger one is a scavenger and a little barrel. One of the things he ( Vet ) mentioned I think was called Hills something but I can't remember. the problem was they would have had to have different dinners. The other thing he said was you are just probably feeding the younger one too much so just cut down the portions and also ( we were guilty of this , you probably are better ) any dog treats are hugely calorific for them so cut those out or at least reduce them.
Sorry not to be more helpful but have a little chubster border here. He just is smaller and doesn't run as much , does more snuffling in undergrowth.
I suspect with dogs as with people , by and large it is calories consumed vs calories expended. When our two go for a walk the older one uses I reckon 3 times the calories by just running and chasing balls more.

But I am not a vet and we struggle to keep the younger one's weight down.

It's expensive but we give them Iams now a few times - good for their teeth and weighed out according to dog's size ought to be a reasonable portion ( though not specifically a "dieting" food )

I see your problem and can only hope at least I can sympathise. I hope someone else with better advice will give it.

BertrandRussell Mon 28-Jan-19 12:44:26

Thank you! Yes, ours is a scavenger too- and so ludicrously cute looking she gets more treats than she should. Over Christmas she was blagging all sorts from visitors too-and ds, who runs with her, hurt his knee. Hence the chub. i’ve ordered Iams, and ds is fit again, so fingers crossed.

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BasiliskStare Mon 28-Jan-19 13:54:28

I do hope so - Iams is the one dried food my two borders will just eat happily and enthusiastically without anything else in it. ( I have nothing to do with Iams btw - ) . The other thing - because our dogs are cute , is when they look at you with their big brown eyes we have started saying any leftovers are for tomorrow with dinner , not for now as extra .The vet said to me yes there is this Hills thing ( I am sure you can google it ) but basically he just said - don't give him too much food and make sure he walks and exercises & limit ready made treats & leftovers . Both ours had the chicken strips and as a special treat Waitrose dog sausages , but now we cut them into tiny bits rather than the whole one. & Any ;leftovers go into tomorrows dinner rather than as an extra. It is astonishing to me how much my two love Iams - they just get through it. Not cheap but if you can do it I think worth it.

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