How to stop dog marking?`

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Banjax Sun 27-Jan-19 18:38:37

Just bought a persian rug off ebay, its beautiful. Comes from a house which has dogs of mine is super neurotic and marks even if a guest leaves ... we're really fed up with her at the moment.

So, just wondering...ive been too scared to even bring this rug into the house, do i have to get it cleaned first?

And on a broader issue, how do i stop this dog marking? Weve got all the plug in diffuser things and it doesnt seem to stop her - shes marked in every room in the house since christmas.

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Banjax Wed 30-Jan-19 20:33:24

cmon guys, help me, I really need advice.
Love my dog, need to stop her marking like this

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yetwig Sun 03-Feb-19 10:18:01

Sounds like Anxiety, has anything changed in your house to cause this?

Has she been seen by a vet?

How are you cleaning the areas after she has marked as some cleaners make the smell worse, non bio washing powder works well 🙂 could you keep her in one room and go back to letting her out every half hour to try and break the need to wee? Just some suggestions x

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