Barking at TV

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GoingInsaneAndDeaf Sat 26-Jan-19 18:37:00

Can someone please help me. I have a 9mo KC spaniel. He's a lovely boy and has been a pleasure to train but this is one bad habit I can't get out of him.

Any time ANY sort of animal (real or cartoon) comes on TV he goes absolutely ballistic. Runs up to the TV tail wagging and barks and barks and barks and barks. We can't watch anything with animals in anymore. But there's that beagle street advert which is bloody everywhere at the moment, and that 5 minute long donkey sanctuary advert.. just to name a few. It drives me mad! It takes him a few minutes after the animals are off the screen to stop as he's gotten so excited. I'm at my wits end with it!

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GoingInsaneAndDeaf Sat 26-Jan-19 19:33:38

Please!! Someone must have a trick!!

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missbattenburg Sat 26-Jan-19 19:41:51

Throw him a treat every time, preferably before he starts barking.

He will very quickly worry less about barking and start just looking to see where the treat is coming from...

Then start asking him to sit or lie down for the treat...

curiositycreature Sat 26-Jan-19 19:44:41

I clicked on the thread because my dog does the same thing.... also a KC!!! He’s four and I still haven’t managed to stop him doing it. However, I’d say it’s manageable now, so maybe us telling him off has done something. We had paw patrol on earlier and he didn’t bat an eyelid - but he did when it was first on in our house. He generally only barks at real dogs and those bloody meerkats. So keep telling him off for sure.

curiositycreature Sat 26-Jan-19 19:46:22

And yes to the bloody beagle street ad! You’ll learn pretty good reflexes when you see it coming to grab him 😂

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