Time for new wellies! Suggestions please.

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AlpacaLypse Sat 26-Jan-19 10:43:34

I've gone back about 10 pages but no recent threads, so I'll start one myself. My Muck Boots have sprung a leak sad. I chose them a few years ago following advice on here. They have been wonderfully warm and comfortable, but always had a couple of downsides - I can't drive in them, at least not in my favourite dog car - and they aren't particularly 'grippy', and since I do most of my dog walking off lead in deep countryside on pretty uneven ground that's quite an issue. Any thoughts/advice/suggestions oh wise fellow muddy hilly place dog walkers?

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missbattenburg Sat 26-Jan-19 10:50:01

Avoid muck boots again. I have previously recommended them here but Facebook and Trustpilot are now awash with people struggling with the company - things like refusal to refund money for returns etc. This seems to be a new(ish) thing and the email address changed a few months ago so I suspect they have changed hands and the new owners are struggling.

AlpacaLypse Sat 26-Jan-19 10:58:23

My browser is now bombarding with adverts from The Original Muck Boot Company... wink

@missbattenburg yes, I'm not minded to get Muck Boots again this time round. I'm thinking a pair of waterproof leather boots, but I don't want to spend DuBarry levels of money. £100-£150 sort of budget.

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Girlintheframe Sat 26-Jan-19 11:27:54

I love my hunter wellies.

Not sure how much they are as I got mine in the sale. It’s the 2nd pair I’ve had mainly because I find them really comfy. They are very soft and I can walk for miles in them and fine to drive in.

katmunchkin Sat 26-Jan-19 11:33:22

I have a pair of Toggi Canyons which are Dubarry type boots but cheaper! Wear them for riding but also live in them during the winter when out with the dog.

AlpacaLypse Sat 26-Jan-19 11:34:17

I went off Hunter's a few years ago, they started being a bit of a fashion accessory. But if they've started being actually practical again I'll have another look. Currently viewing a brand called Brogini which Naylors have on sale.

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AlpacaLypse Sat 26-Jan-19 11:36:20

Ooo I'll have a look at the Toggi's thanks @katmunchkin !

@Girlintheframe can you remember when you got your Hunter's, roughly?

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Detoxpup Sat 26-Jan-19 11:37:11

Wellie choice seems to be so individual as we all seem to have different experience from them

I don't like Hunters as they seem really slippery and always crack at the heel after a short time.

I did like muck boots for a bit but then found them a bit heavy and also hard to drive in.

I spent pounds on Le Charmeau wellies for them to be sooooooo slippery I was frightened to walk in them in the wet hmm

So I am now back to good old waterproof walking boots and wear walking trousers that does not matter if they get muddy

Maybe we need to design the ideal dog walking welly smile

katmunchkin Sat 26-Jan-19 11:38:01

I'd recommend finding a country store and trying them on, if possible, as they come up quite small! I'm a 7 and have to wear a 6.

Detoxpup Sat 26-Jan-19 11:39:29

Toggi canyons do you have to reproof them often?

Floralnomad Sat 26-Jan-19 11:39:52

I ought some woof wear short yard boots last winter and they’ve been excellent .

FamilyReferee Sat 26-Jan-19 11:45:39

I've had all the wellies mentioned above, and currently have Aigles, and if I had to buy another pair today, they'd be Aigles - this pair is a couple of years old now, and I've worn them every wet/cold day pretty much, and they're still going strong. They're quite warm (I put an insole in anyway) and pretty grippy. Plus have a side slit - useful if you have muscular calves like I do. They're not cheap, but they're worth it.

Girlintheframe Sat 26-Jan-19 11:45:46

I got mine at least 2 years ago. They are plain green (olive) and full height.
I like them mainly because they are soft and light so can walk for miles in them.

FrederickCreeding Sat 26-Jan-19 11:45:49

Hunters used to be brilliant, but sadly they're not as good anymore or so I've heard. I have an ancient pair and they are still going strong, but I don't think a new pair would last anywhere near as long.

What's the budget op? Dubarry and Aigle do some amazing ones but they are very pricy.

AlpacaLypse Sat 26-Jan-19 11:46:50

YY @Detoxpup the official Mumsnet dog walking boot, to go with the scarf... smile The reason I would prefer a wellie type boot is that I need to be able to take them on and off quickly, a couple of the dog walking clients don't like dirty footwear in the house, we wash and dry the dogs after their walk but then have to go inside to check water etc.

Okay thanks for the suggestions, I'm off to T H White's to do some trying on.

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AlpacaLypse Sat 26-Jan-19 11:49:56

Crumbs lots more replies while I was posting! This is professional work wear, I will be wearing them 9-5 five days a week except during very warm dry weather. Budget up to £200.

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glosbucks Sat 26-Jan-19 11:50:00

I just switched from muck boots to Aigle. I got the Aigle parcours which are lined with the neoprene and super warm.

It's a few months in and I'm really pleased with them. Great grip and very comfortable. I'm walking about 5km in them once a day. They cost around £110.

The footbed is better on the Aigle than muckboots and grip much better.

BigusBumus Sat 26-Jan-19 11:51:47

I have some vvvvv pricey Le Chameau boots which are lovely but extremely narrow in the calf and can sometimes feel way too tight.

I also have these Seeland boots which are brilliant, wider fit and so cosy and warm!

Ploppymoodypants Sat 26-Jan-19 12:22:02

If you want leather wellies then the most comfortable at a reasonable price are the ariat Windermere ones. Come in various colours, really warm and very very comfortable. Look on eBay or for a sale price.

katmunchkin Sat 26-Jan-19 12:27:05

Detoxpup I do mine with Renacur every couple of months but they do get very wet and muddy!

BiteyShark Sat 26-Jan-19 12:27:18

I have Le Chameau with expandable calf areas and neoprene lining. Can walk in them for miles.

fivedogstofeed Sat 26-Jan-19 14:28:59

Aigles are the only wellies.
Mine get daily abuse through muddy fields, stony paths, rivers and more. They are so comfortable. My current pair is three years old and showing no signs of wear.

EdWinchester Sat 26-Jan-19 14:34:12

My favourites are Le Chameau - I have the neoprene lined ones.

I also have the Doc Marten Rosa boots for work, but often wear them for really muddy dog walks. I have put them through hell and they're indestructible.

Jemimafuckingpuddleduck Sat 26-Jan-19 14:39:10

I also can recommend the Neoprene (blue lining) Le Chameau so warm and comfy!!

I will never buy another pair of hunters again, huge fashion statement with no really outdoor boot/wellie quality!!

windydoggy Sat 26-Jan-19 14:47:28

Have you tried Nora's , they are great , last forever and softer than most .
I currently have long green ones and short blue ones with a liner In , very snug for muddy walks .

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