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Are orvis beds any good?

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Screamqueenz Sat 26-Jan-19 09:18:21

Clever Paws, not clever laws.....

Screamqueenz Sat 26-Jan-19 09:18:02

There's a new company called clever laws based in South Yorkshire that does orthopaedic beds for dogs at very reasonable prices.
I've got 4 and the dogs absolutely love them. (Greyhounds aged between 11 and 7, all beginning to get a bit stiff).
You can find them on Facebook.

missbattenburg Sat 26-Jan-19 06:50:34

We have one and I really like it. It looks smart and seems super comfy. However, in all honesty I cannot day the dogs seem to care for it any more or less than their plastic one with a shallow memory foam pad in it.

NewYoiker Fri 25-Jan-19 22:06:18

I'm very tempted to bin the crappy beds we have for our 2 and get 2
Good beds. One dog is arthritic and needs support and the other one is a birder terrier puppy who appears to have the chewing ability of a Great Dane!

Tempted to get an orvis bed for the older one and a toughie bed for the puppy as she hopefully won't be able to destroy it! Are they any good?

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