Is a second dog a good idea?

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SewingBeesDontSting Thu 24-Jan-19 13:31:04

DH and I are not experienced dog owners. We have a 14 month old mixed breed neutered dog and he is our first dog. He's a big dog (Newfoundland/Kelpie cross) and has lots of energy. He absolutely loves playing with friend's dogs at the beach but he spends a lot of time outside in the garden on his own (over an acre) as he's too lively to be indoors all day. He sleeps indoors at night. He usually gets walked twice a day and DH plays with him outside with balls etc. once or twice a day.
We live rurally surrounded by fields and walk him along country roads but never in the town as he just wants to jump up at people all the time.
He's friendly not aggressive but obviously, no-one wants a big dog jumping up at you.
DH thinks our dog would benefit from permanent company of a second dog.

Dilemma: another friend has told us about a young 1 yr (?) female large mixed breed dog that needs rehousing due to a relationship break-up. It's a relative of the friend so she knows the dog and says she's calm and friendly, good with cats and children etc.

I'm willing to meet female dog and see how they get on but is DH right?
Would our dog be much happier having a permanent doggy pal?
Do male/female dogs get on better than 2 of the same sex?

Any thought/advise?

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BiteyShark Thu 24-Jan-19 13:42:53

It's a hard one because whilst you see lots saying they are so glad they have more than one dog you do get posts where introducing a second dog is or has caused issues.

You have a 14 month big energetic breed and the other one is also at a difficult age as I suspect they are still in that teenage stage. Would you be prepared to seperate and train individually if needed?

As I mentioned on other threads you need to go in with your eyes wide open with a private rehoming as there is no backup if things go wrong. I would also be questioning why one of the owners isn't taking on the dog. If I split up with my DH we would be fighting over custody of BiteyDog rather than rehoming. 1 year old for a lot of dogs can be a very testing time even for an individual dog. Also can you afford double the costs.

CMOTDibbler Thu 24-Jan-19 13:46:07

My experience of getting a second dog was very positive - ddog1 would get in the face of other dogs too much as he wanted to play and run with them before. When we got ddog2, that stopped as he had lots of playtime. So company might be a great thing for your dog in managing his energy and busyness

I think the jumping up is another thing though, and you need to work really hard on establishing a 'paws on the floor' command and massive treat for proper greeting. What is he walked on at the moment? Would a halti help you keep him down perhaps?

Lichtie Thu 24-Jan-19 13:46:57

It really depends on both the dogs. Lots of dogs are friendly outside but when another comes in to their 'home' they can react differently. Have you ever had other dogs stay at your home.
We regularly dog sat for friends and family when we only had one so we knew adding another wouldn't be a problem.

Jappydooda Thu 24-Jan-19 13:58:55

Yes - I think two dogs is a good idea. However, I would not have 2 girls together unless they were related - so 2 males or a male and female would be best. The female is going to be top dog anyway!

If the female is coming from a private home, I would strongly recommend you visit her a couple of times in her space - also see her being walked and played with in the garden, just so you can get an idea of how she behaves with a) family, b) dogs outside and c) you, as a visitor to the home.

Meet on neutral territory and just watch the reactions - waggy tails and play bowing are good signs. Does the female tell your dog off if he gets too full-on - does he accept it and back off? My girl used to cuff the younger dog around his ear with her paw if he got out of control!

At home, make sure everything is separate - separate water bowls, feed bowls, beds - let them decide if they want to share. Try to treat them equally. Be prepared for friction while they find their pecking order, but definitely intervene if it gets too heated - also if play gets too rough.

Good luck!

Detoxpup Thu 24-Jan-19 17:05:53

If You want a second dog get one.

Do not get one for your dog. You dog may like the company of another dog, but equally may hate it.

Much better to introduce to doggy friends if it is for the sake of your dog - cheaper, less hassle, you can walk away if they do not get on etc.

Maneandfeathers Thu 24-Jan-19 17:24:52

I have two because I like having two but there are pros and cons.
My bitch loves my dog, adores him. He is a bit indifferent but they do play a few times a day. There’s no guarentee they wouldn’t fight though, luckily mine are not possessive and neither is confrontational.

It is double the hair, cost, time though and I’ve found it almost impossible to train dog2 due to her being too obsessed with what dog1 is doing to listen.

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