Potential rehome...please talk some sense to me

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Unmumsyme Tue 22-Jan-19 15:07:06

So...to cut a long story short I potentially have the opportunity to adopt a 7mth old spaniel. It would be privately from an older owner who openly says that she hasn’t got the energy to give her the life she needs. We already have a 19mth old young dog who is very sociable and loves the company of other dogs.

It’s still slightly a theoretical idea (& would need serious further conversations) but it would be useful to hear others peoples experiences of rehoming, life with two dogs and spaniels generally - I grew up with them but current dog is a crossbreed.

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AvocadosBeforeMortgages Tue 22-Jan-19 15:11:00

Have you met the dog and taken it out for a walk etc? Be aware that it comes with none of the usual health and behaviour assessments that you'd get with a dog my a rescue centre, and you should expect that some of the things you've been told might not be entirely true (I say this as someone who adopted a dog from a friend).

How did you meet / know the owner? Would they be willing for you to trial things for a few days and take it from there?

Hungrypuffin Tue 22-Jan-19 15:16:23

I’d want to know more about the background of the dog. If she wants to rehome at only 7 months old, that suggests an impulse buy - gumtree or similar. Therefore pup is highly likely to either be from a puppy farm or a backyard breeder, which has implications for health (bet it’s parents weren’t health tested), behaviour, socialisation etc.

BiteyShark Tue 22-Jan-19 15:20:53

What type of spaniel?

Things to consider:-
1. You probably won't have the full story of the issues from the owner after all they want to get 'rid' of the dog and don't want to go through a rescue centre.
2. What about health issues? Can you get a full record from their vets? Did they get any verification of any health tests from the dogs parents assuming they got the dog as a puppy?
3. Will you be able to trial taking the dog on in case there are issues with your other dog?
4. No back up if things go wrong as it's a private rescue.
5. 7 months of a tricky age and especially so depending on what type of spaniel (I have a working cocker). Are you fully prepared to walk, train and undo any bad habits with the new dog separately if needed?

DustyMcDustbuster Tue 22-Jan-19 15:23:05

I rehomed a second dog almost 2 years ago (a beagle, to be with my staffie). They get on brilliantly & never so much as a snap.

BUT, we fostered 2 dogs before this & both experiences were horrific. These were both through reputable rescue centres.

I don’t have personal experience of spaniels, but from what I know, they are bouncy & energetic. You would have to consider how that energy would fit with your own dog & your lifestyle. They need a lot of stimulation & exercise.

I guess the worst case scenario would be that you tried & if it didn’t work out, that you found a rescue centre. But that would be really hard on you, and more so the puppy.

I find 2 dogs great - they are company for each other when I’m out, they look for each other when off lead, and chase each other. My older staffie girl has a new lease of life.

Hope that helps a bit. Feel free to ask me anything.

DustyMcDustbuster Tue 22-Jan-19 15:24:11

What @BiteyShark said is brilliant to consider!!

Unmumsyme Tue 22-Jan-19 15:30:45

Thanks so much, totally agree with all the above...and would certainly cover it all in the serious conversations that would need to happen.

Yes, we could have a trial. I could potentially also take her to a training weekend that I’m going to soon. Current dog is v high energy too & they get on well outside (aware this might not be the case in the house). I’d plan to go walking/training individually too. Lots of food for thought here though....!

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missbattenburg Tue 22-Jan-19 17:21:16

Two high energy dogs are not always the mix you want. You think they will tire each other out but it can be that they wind each other up and egg each other on.

Just something else to think about...

Battendog is 19 months old - springer. No way would I bring a younger, playful and energetic dog into the house. His training is all still so new that it would be very easy for him to forget it all if someone more interesting came along to distract him - ie a playful friend. If he were rock solid and reliable re training maybe I would think differently.

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