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Rustyigloo Tue 22-Jan-19 10:52:34

Hi, I've just started taking my dog out with me whilst I'm jogging and I'm just wondering if anyone has any advise about a few issues?
What do you do with the full poo bags whilst running? The running motion seems to "ahem" stimulate his bowels. I'm quite rural so no bins for miles. I end up sort of swinging it around in my spare hand.
Also, how do you discourage your pooch from running in front of you rather than to the side?
Any advice would be appreciated.

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AvocadosBeforeMortgages Tue 22-Jan-19 11:47:20

Does your dog like to pull? If so you might like to consider CaniCross style running.

DickyBag for the poo?

RitaConnors Tue 22-Jan-19 11:52:34

I like my dog being in front because if I get tired she pulls me along ....

I use a Ezydog running lead that goes round my waist and on to her harness.

Kattyy Tue 22-Jan-19 11:55:30

Been meaning to find a more hygienic/less gross solution for the used poop bags myself and therefore just googled it to see what's out there. Came across that! Sorry, but still in stitches (apparantely people have rated it near 5 star though, so am I the weirdo?)¤cy=GBP&vip=4264395&gclid=Cj0KCQiAm5viBRD4ARIsADGUT27OFOIbCEDKKoDq1bcxddrkF2ROhNJCOPlXznqzM7RZhFB1Beg1feoaAiMcEALw_wcB
Re: not pulling and running, would teach command "heel" while running.

CMOTDibbler Tue 22-Jan-19 12:02:11

I have my dogs running out in front of me as it is easier to manage on footpaths.

Poo varies depends on the route we are taking and where the bins are! I do always take the good quality poo bags, and if on a route where it will be a way to the bin, and I'm not coming back that way I double bag and put it in my pocket of my running jacket.
We have a dicky bag, and this reminds me I was going to get a smaller one for running so it could go in a bum bag.

My dogs love going out for a run with me, and random people in our small town will come up to me and tell me they've seen us. We're just about to go out, and as soon as I get my running shoes on they will go nuts

TropicPlunder Tue 22-Jan-19 12:50:49

I do canicross and second the dicky bag! Even for walks it's great. No smell, and no clutching obvious bag of poo/merrily swinging it about.
My dog was quite quick to learn some commands like 'go go' or 'steady' or left/right when she's running ahead. Also to ignore other dogs and not disappear into a hedge for a sniff. If you want yours to run next to you, I guess you'd have to teach it like loose lead walking, and try to be at a realistic pace for both!

Rustyigloo Tue 22-Jan-19 14:20:56

That's lovely. Thank you all so much for your help. I'll be purchasing a dicky bag and working on my commands.
He's the type of dog who always wants to be in front of everyone at all times! I'd like him to be by my side though so I can be a bit of a physical barrier for him if anything happens.

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Detoxpup Tue 22-Jan-19 19:44:13

He may be happier with canicross

IRun4Me Wed 23-Jan-19 11:17:46

I run with a spaniel and definitely agree with the waist belt - which I tie the unused poo bags to.
He can get excitable and want to go ahead but I use a command for coming back next to me - being a spaniel he has selective hearing so I will stop and turn round and walk back a few steps and he soon realises.
He is normally really focused when on lead running and ignores everything. I try and let him have some off lead time when we run as well so he gets his fun.
Also make sure you have a command for crossing over the road - especially if it’s not a road junction. I tripped over him a couple of times when I went to cross to the other side and obviously he didn’t realise I was going to cross blush - but we soon worked it out.
I tend to carry the poo bag until I can dispose in a bin but do have a dicky bags for long walks - can’t recommend enough.
Have fun Rustyigloo it is lovely running with your dog.

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