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kamillaw Mon 21-Jan-19 23:36:33

I have a policy for our dog with petplan. We used to be with them when we had cats and had no issues.

When the puppy arrived we saw the vet the very next day as it was a BH the day before. Vet said she was a little underweight and had a slightly bloated tummy. I took out the 4 week IVC there and then, 24 hours later we were back at the vets after diarrhea - worm diagnosis.

After 4 weeks the policy comes to an end, so I take out a full policy for life cover. The worm that has been and gone comes up on the phonecall and results in an exclusion on the policy for ANY gastro intestinal problems.

If I can prove no worm at time of taking out IVC then potentially gastric exclusion will be lifted, so the vet sends paperwork over and speaks to Petplan who say no dice. Currently the 12month ban is active of which approx 8 remain. If she goes to the vet with any tummy issue the ban rolls over for another 12mos.

Puppy is 8months old and is currently with an upset tummy... she pooed a bit of pepperami wraper yesterday?? has been sick today and had explosive poo x 1 otherwise her usual bouncy self.

What would my best option be? has anyone had anything similar? Worms are common as it's not like it was some horrific disease I don't understand the ban....

thanks for reading!!

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BiteyShark Tue 22-Jan-19 01:19:06

Unfortunately lots of policies have the pre existing exclusions provision in them. If they have excluded any gastric issues despite the vets recommendation I am not sure what else you can do. It doesn't matter that the worms had gone at the time you took out the life policy as they look back on the history for any issues that you have had.

I think boughtbymany have a policy that does include pre existing conditions but even then I think their T&Cs only cover them for a very small amount if they reoccur but cover increases if they don't within a set time period.

BiteyShark Tue 22-Jan-19 02:07:12

Worms are common as it's not like it was some horrific disease I don't understand the ban....

Just coming back to this. My puppy had a few bouts of upset stomach. Nothing bad or particular unusual as lots of puppies get that and anti biotics etc seemed to solve the issue. Except later he started to get more severe bouts and ended up with a diagnosis of a condition that can flare up for life. Fortunately he was covered by insurance and they have paid out thousands of pounds in tests, admissions and treatment.

Now can you see why they have excluded gastro issues? A small thing can sometimes end up a big thing later.

kamillaw Tue 22-Jan-19 13:35:33

No I understand that. The worm wasn't there at time of taking out the policy. I might speak to another insurer and see what they say. Thanks x

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BiteyShark Tue 22-Jan-19 14:21:19

The thing is it doesn't matter that your puppy was free of worms when taking out the lifetime policy or not because they look at the history of any vet visits before the policy started and these will be views as pre-existing issues that can (as you have seen) lead to exclusions being specified.

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