Is it possible to over exercise a dog?

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CarolDanvers Sun 20-Jan-19 21:39:00

I’ve a two year old Scottie. He probably gets around two to three hours plus exercise a day, simply because he comes with me most places and I always take the opportunity to give him a good run off lead if I see a suitable area.

I know that physically he doesn’t really need that much and some days it’s not sustainable to exercise him that much but he always gets two 30 minute walks no matter what. On the days he doesn’t get two to three plus hours he’s hyped up and stressed, lots of licking his lips and yawning and hyper alert and it’s a bit of a problem; he’s also jumpy with guests and round the kids - they’re big tall teens so I am not too worried but still...Should I maybe chill out and try to give him similar timed routine walks every day? Obviously I wouldn’t follow that religiously, I am very outdoorsy and sometimes he will come on all day walks with me. It’s just on a day to day basis I can’t commit to three hours plus of exercise. I noticed over Christmas when things were quiet and we weren’t out and about all the time, that after about a week he chilled out and wasn’t so hyped up and trying to get my attention for a walk. Just wondered if overstimulation mentally from walks was a thing? Because physically he could go all day and not seem to feel it.

Thanks for any thoughts smile

Have also posted this in “Pets” accidentally as I thought I was in The Doghouse confused, hence duplicate thread.

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Myranium Mon 21-Jan-19 01:05:10

Just wondered if overstimulation mentally from walks was a thing?

It absolutely is a thing, this article explains it really well.

As the article describes I'd be tempted to cut down on some of his physical exercise and replace it with mental stimulation or enrichment activities instead to see how he goes. The FB group Canine Enrichment is absolutely packed with awesome ideas.

adaline Mon 21-Jan-19 12:25:33

Yep, definitely. I think most dogs have an optimum walk time, and anything less or more than that is counter-productive.

I took mine out this morning - he was only walking for 45 minutes. We got home around 9.30, he had a chew and a cuddle and he's been asleep ever since!

The other week we did a long walk - six miles, and he didn't settle for a good 2-3 hours after we got back. He was just too overstimulated and couldn't relax.

Mine can and will go for hours but we don't do it often, simply because we both work and it's not practical. He has 45-60 minutes in the morning and most days, that's it. Sometimes he has another walk later but only if he wants to go out.

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