Is this a problem? How do I sort it if it is?

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fleshmarketclose Sat 19-Jan-19 08:38:04

We've had Bella almost six months now, she's a nine year old Lhasa Apso rescue. Previous life is shady, rescue was told she was being rehomed due to illness in the family but doesn't explain why her home was an immaculate beautifully furnished home but Bella had a really bad flea infestation, she was matted and underweight and the bowls they sent her with were positively minging.
When vet spayed her he said that she had been repeatedly bred from and he thought she was a puppy farm dog as her uterus was flaccid and could not have maintained another pregnancy.
She is a lovely dog, she had no basic commands and no doggy manners and didn't like other dogs. She now has all the basics (she's not terribly bright so has taken a while) and is great with Eric (they either play together or ignore each other depending on the mood) and a few more dogs out and about and happier to ignore the dogs she doesn't know now.
At home she is no problem particularly now I have screened the window to stop her barking at every movement on the street and barking is just limited to people knocking at the door but it stops when the door is opened and she is happy to greet anyone who comes in.
So the problem when I am out walking her is that if a man wearing a hoodie or a hat or high vis clothing or carrying a bag approaches either in front or behind she growls and barks at them. She has never made any effort to approach or snap at them it's more a warning to them to keep their distance. Because she is tiny she is laughed at tbh and no one has complained although I apologise anyway. Because I am partially sighted I don't see them to pre empt the situation because it is Bella growling that lets me know there is someone there.
At home there is no resource guarding and we have no problems when workmen come in even if they wear a hat or high vis it's only whilst I'm out walking so should I be doing something about this and if so what and how?

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UrsulaPandress Sat 19-Jan-19 08:42:04

I really wouldn't worry. Just breezily say that she's a rescue and had issues with certain 'types' of people.

I had a mare who was petrified of anyone in a hood or with a rucksack. I live on the Pennines so it made riding out fun.

billybagpuss Sat 19-Jan-19 13:37:02

Warning you that they’re there, as long as there isn’t physical aggression I wouldn’t worry, maybe try to calm her every time she does it might be a good start. Billypup is very reactive to joggers and cyclists so I’m getting her to sit and wait when they go passed. Maybe try something similar with treats too.

fleshmarketclose Sun 20-Jan-19 08:07:55

Thank you, maybe she realises I can't see very well and thinks she is doing me a favour by warning me that someone is approaching. Have to say it's reassuring at times to know that someone is nearby before they get close. There is no aggression she never moves from my side it's simply a warning, maybe meant for me rather than against them who knows?

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