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Theoscargoesto Fri 18-Jan-19 22:16:43

I have a 10 month old cockerpoo and have taken my vets advice to let her have her first season before spaying. She started to bleed 8 days ago (and is still bleeding). I am walking her in out of the way places, on a lead, when it's quiet, for her own comfort and also as I have taken on board advice here about tempting entire whole dogs and how hard it can be to control them when there are bitches in season around.

She's quite subdued, eating less than usual (but still eating and liking treat foods), poos are sometimes a bit looser than usual, she isn't bothered about walking (but is enthusiastic once she's out) and she is more cuddly and velcro'd to me in the house than usual. She's well, but just not herself. Does that sound normal to you much more experienced people?

My other questions are that I understand she's entering into the most fertile period: in your experience, are further, different mood changes likely? Lastly, I think it's 3 weeks from the start of bleeding that I need to keep her isolated: is that right?

Thanks in advice for any help

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Velvetdragon Fri 18-Jan-19 22:32:45

Aww your poor girl, seasons can be rough. She sounds like she is having a fairly similar experience to the one my girl had. I didn't really worry about walking her during her season as she wasn't too bothered about it. She had a low mood for a while. She preferred to cuddle on the sofa so that's what we did. I figured it must be comparable on some level to a woman having a period so just altered the usual routine to fit in with what she needed. Make a note of when she started, and also when she comes out her season as the vet will need to know this for booking her spay at the appropriate time.
Keep an eye out for any signs of a phantom pregnancy, such as milk production or protecting her 'babies' - usually cuddly toys. Get in touch with your vet if you notice anything like that happening.
I hope she perks up soon

drinkswineoutofamug Fri 18-Jan-19 22:33:36

Watching with interest. Florence is displaying some of your dogs behaviour, as well as nesting? She's not started bleeding yet.

Velvetdragon Fri 18-Jan-19 22:40:35

@drinkawineoutofamug is Florence's vulva swollen? That's a good way to check if they are coming into season. Some girlies are very clean so the bleeding may not be noticeable. My girl was not clean 🙄

Theoscargoesto Sat 19-Jan-19 08:05:06

Thanks @velvet, that’s reassuring. She’s just so not herself! I will book her in for a spay. I’m hoping to have the laparoscopic procedure

@drinkswine, before Christmas I noticed her nipples were more prominent than usual but her vulva didn’t seem swollen until immediately before the bleeding started. I only spotted that by accident, there was a small bloody stain on a (of course clean) duvet cover. She had snuck onto it without me seeing. I’ve seen very little blood, she’s been very clean. Mind you she spends a lot of time cleaning herself which I guess is another clue. Since the season started, her vulva is swollen and quite different from usual. I must say, what with the joys of anal glands and seasons I have got a good deal more familiar that I ever expected with Oscardog’s rear end!!

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drinkswineoutofamug Sat 19-Jan-19 09:09:42

Her rear end looks swollen. I'm just thanking god that all the dogs on the park have been done!

Theoscargoesto Sun 20-Jan-19 22:12:44

I have read on here that even 'done' dogs are attracted to bitches on heat and thus disobedient especially as to recall. Unhappily, I can't vouch for dogs on our park, so I'm walking the streets at odd times. I'm missing parks and a good run, never mind the dog!

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katmunchkin Mon 21-Jan-19 15:02:40

Our 10 month old GSP is currently in her first season but has now stopped bleeding. It seems that boy dogs are especially attracted to her since she stopped bleeding and she's reciprocating, rather than being grumpy with them like she did 2 weeks ago. We're limited the areas where we go just in case, and also keeping her on a long lead (which, when combined with the deadly combination of being a teenager and forgetting her training) is working well.

spot102 Mon 21-Jan-19 16:35:14

GENERALLY season is about 3 weeks long, she will bleed, stop bleeding then bleed again. Most fertile period is somewhere in the middle, but don't take this as gospel, as some variation. Generally she will not be very receptive unless she is fertile, again don't be complacent!
Neutered dogs may still be attracted, and attempt to procreate, as will obviously non neutered dogs. She may well smell attractive even after 3 weeks, as I found out to my cost.
Some (eg Spot1) may well have phantom pregnancy, she was quite grumpy, nesting in dark corners and lactating after every season - its like they have puppies, but without the puppies.
Well worth reading up on this, (or not actually if your intending to neuter - just remembered).
But Spot1's back end swelled up monstrously on her first season, rest weren't so bad.

katmunchkin Wed 23-Jan-19 08:56:48

Thanks Spot, interesting to know she might start bleeding again!

drinkswineoutofamug Wed 23-Jan-19 09:43:48

I've now been informed she's already had a season, before I got her back. So vets it is. No whippet puppies for us

Theoscargoesto Wed 23-Jan-19 10:20:27

@drinkswine: I vaguely thought about breeding until I was reminded that I nearly went mad in the first 4 weeks I had her, felt confined to the house with a dependent puppy and honestly wondered why I'd thought a dog was a good idea. And puppies mean 8 weeks of that, plus of course there are so many unwanted dogs out there.

@spot, thank you. She seems to have stopped bleeding (since my first post there was more spotting, then a short phase of watery bloody discharge) but thanks to you I'm watching for more.

2 weeks down........

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