Frug puppy walking tips please

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Coldshoulders Fri 18-Jan-19 11:16:19

Got my frug puppy yesterday, Kevin. He's a lovley pups, 12 weeks old but hasn't yet been trained to walk on a lead. I have attempted to put a harness on him in the house and attached the lead and gave him a treat. He won't walk, he refuses. Any tips? First time I have had a frug so any tips would be appreciated thanks

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bunnygeek Fri 18-Jan-19 11:42:32

It will take time, be patient smile lead walking basics are the same regardless of breed.

Keep rewarding the behaviour you want but don't reward him for just sitting on his butt with the lead on. Use a treat to ask him to take a step or two forwards, reward movement towards you with the lead and harness but not excessive pulling away from you. Take it slowly but I'm sure the pup will get it quickly smile

bunnygeek Fri 18-Jan-19 11:43:21

And once he's got that, there's some tips here to encourage good loose lead walking, not trying to pull you along.

Nesssie Fri 18-Jan-19 11:43:24

What the hell is a frug?

Tonightstheteriyakichicken Fri 18-Jan-19 11:46:45

A Pug and French Bulldog cross.

bunnygeek Fri 18-Jan-19 11:47:34

It's a French Bulldog x Pug. Not entirely sure the benefits with crossing brachy with brachy, but the pup is here now with Coldshoulders so might as well be a good doggy citizen!

Nesssie Fri 18-Jan-19 11:50:33

Oooh thats gonna have some problems.

But agree with advice above. Very lightweight lead, lots of treats.


Detoxpup Fri 18-Jan-19 11:53:02

this will help

nellieellie Fri 18-Jan-19 13:17:36

Just put harness and lead on him and let him wander about the house with the lead trailing. If he is scared on harness when you put it on, do it in steps and use lots of treats when you do it. That way he associates the harness with good things.

joystir59 Fri 18-Jan-19 13:27:32

What is a frug? A French bull dog and a pug?

joystir59 Fri 18-Jan-19 13:29:51

Was the cross between these two squashed faced breeds intentional? Like, is 'frug' a new trend. If so how irresponsible. I don't know why anyone buys beachy pups. It's encouraging such bad health in innocent dogs

EmmaGellerGreen Fri 18-Jan-19 13:30:34

Dear lord, french bull dog crossed pug? Why on earth would you do that?

joystir59 Fri 18-Jan-19 13:34:55

Beachy = Brachy

LittleLongDog Fri 18-Jan-19 13:40:51

Has he had his injections?

At 12 weeks it isn’t really massively about walking for exercise- more for experiences. Could you carry him to a close place and pop him down and play with him there while he gets used to being outside? (With his lead on.)

Coldshoulders Fri 18-Jan-19 15:11:59

Yes he's fully vaccinated until Jan 2020. And as for why the hell would I do that? I didn't bread the dogs myself, and it's entirely my choice of what dog I would like to have. I'm not irresponsible at all I'm a very loving and caring dog owner. My dog is fully vetted and hasn't got any health issues fyi. I just wanted a few tips to help get him walking on a lead that was all. And I appreciate the people who stuck to the the question I asked x

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Coldshoulders Fri 18-Jan-19 15:12:45


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Nesssie Fri 18-Jan-19 15:24:56

my choice of what dog I would like to have - why exactly did you want a frug then? Why not a FB or a pug? What breed traits were you looking for exactly?

Myranium Fri 18-Jan-19 15:32:54

Detoxpup beat me to it with that video.

Definitely stick with a harness and don't be tempted to go for a collar instead. Both pugs and Frenchies are prone to tracheal collapse so it's sensible to avoid using any equipment that will put pressure on the neck/throat right from the get-go.

Coldshoulders Fri 18-Jan-19 15:49:45

@Nesssie the traits I was looking for was a pup that would be good with children but still watch the house, a dog that I obviously got along with, funny, small enough to have in the place I live. A dog I could make a member of my family. I'm not exactly sure why I am having to explain or justify what sort of dog I have, when the op was about walking on a lead not about what breed dog I wanted to get. And also pugs and fb have the same squashed up faces etc so having one of them instead of a frug wouldn't actually make much difference. Loads of people have small dogs, I haven't got him to follow a trend I got the pup I felt was right for my family and that's all there is to it. It's not an illegal breed of dog or a dangerous breed and I do not breed them myself. Just want to ask tips for walking him on a lead not breed advice. I am going to stick to a harness also.thankyou to everyone who has advised me based on my op x

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Eifla Fri 18-Jan-19 17:47:56

“the traits I was looking for was a pup that would be good with children but still watch the house, a dog that I obviously got along with, funny, small enough to have in the place I live. A dog I could make a member of my family”

So, just like a French Bulldog or a Pug then?

Frug. Dear lord.

mirren3 Fri 18-Jan-19 18:01:12

Oh, a frug. I think it's a mongrel isn't it?
I've read it all now 🙈

reallyanotherone Fri 18-Jan-19 18:05:43

It's not an illegal breed of dog or a dangerous breed and I do not breed them myself

It’s not a breed at all. It’s a made up name for a cross so it can be sold for £££££. Dread to think what you paid.

Willing to bet it’s from a puppy farm too. No responsible breeder would breed such a cross (or give it such a ridiculous name and pretend it’s a “breed”)

HardAsSnails Fri 18-Jan-19 18:20:09

I thought it said frog.

Wolfiefan Fri 18-Jan-19 18:23:29

“Watch the house” WTAF
At 12 weeks you need to socialise the pup. Take it out. And get it used to new things. You can carry it.
And get insurance. I highly suspect this has come from a puppy farm and could end costing you thousands if you’re not lucky.
Poor bloody dogs. sad

Chesneyhawkes1 Fri 18-Jan-19 18:27:30

A frug. I've heard it all now. Why cross 2 breeds with known breathing issues.

I bet the puppy is cute mind.

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