Male dogs hassling my male puppy

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WineGumption Wed 16-Jan-19 12:09:45

Wondering if anyone has any ideas. I have a 10 month old cockapoo who was neutered at 7 months. He's absolutely great and a really good boy. I take him out for runs in our local common with me and he loves it! He ranges around a little bit but generally sticks quite close to me and is happy to trot along while I run and chuck the odd stick for him!

My question is, he seems to get a fair bit of unwanted attention from other male dogs, usually big breeds. Today there was a massive retriever that just would NOT stop sniffing and licking my dog's privates (not his bum) even as my dog was trying to get away and follow me.

I tried to carry on running but the other dog just followed and followed (completely ignoring its owner and their pointless whistle) and kept tripping me up and stepping on my dog in its relentless pursuit of my dog's crotch! In the end it was clear this dog wasn't going to stop and my pup was whimpering so I had to stop and push the dog off multiple times and eventually pick my dog up and wait around for the owner to catch up and drag him away. All the while he was lunging at my dog in my arms.

Now if my dog was a female in season I would totally understand the problem but my dog is a neutered male!? It's happened a few times now (always with bigger breed male dogs) but it's not all the time. I have checked the area and there's nothing there, he's not licking himself or irritated or anything so I am slightly at a loss to understand what the fuss is all about! Has anyone experienced this (from either side) with their dog? confused Any insights much appreciated!

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MsAdorabelleDearheartVonLipwig Wed 16-Jan-19 14:22:22

I’ve had this with my entire male. I’ve got no idea either. Perhaps some dogs are gay? grin

missbattenburg Wed 16-Jan-19 14:24:31

Battendog is an 18 month old intact springer male and lives with a tiny neutered JRT. If allowed (which he isn't) he would constantly sniff and lick the JRT's willy - especially after peeing. We stop it because the JRT clearly doesn't like it but Battendog would do it anyway and it appeared to be a bit bullying.

Interestingly, the JRT was also neutered very young, like yours.

I wonder if they smell/taste a bit female - especially if neutered before sexually mature? Maybe stopping the testosterone surge of adolescence has a long term affect on the way they appear to other dogs?

Lonecatwithkitten Wed 16-Jan-19 14:41:19

I am afraid I see it as the other dog has poor manners and it's owner even poorer manners for not calling it away.
A brief introductory sniff fine, but persistent sniffing and luck -rude and owners shall call away.

GrimDamnFanjo Wed 16-Jan-19 18:00:52

I did read somewhere that @missbattenburg is correct. That neutered dogs do smell like females to entire dogs.

WineGumption Wed 16-Jan-19 18:15:27

Thanks all, that would explain it I guess. Definitely agree that there were some bad manners going on all round. The owner even shouted at ME when she finally got hold of the dog. confused

The only thing is there are often LOADS of other dogs around when it's happening, females included. If we get one of these over-keen dogs they just make a beeline for my pup and ignore everyone else!

The whole neutering thing seemed like such a minefield, literally everyone I spoke to had a different opinion including different vets. We were going to wait but he was getting a bit too friendly with my childrens' legs, stuffed toys and anything that didn't get out of the way quick enough really so our vet suggested it was time! grin

He does sleep in my daughter's room at night (in his bed) but I know she sometimes scoops him up for a cuddle in the mornings and she always smells lovely so he is known to occasionally come downstairs smelling faintly "like a tart's boudoir" as my dad once put it where he's cuddled up against her for a while! Just his head though where she's cuddled him against her.

Thanks again, I'll just have to make sure I give Mr Randy-pants a wide berth if we see him again! And try to stay downwind!

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LittleLongDog Wed 16-Jan-19 20:35:41

The owner shouted at you? That’s ridiculous!


WineGumption Wed 16-Jan-19 21:25:11

@LittleLongDog I know! But to be honest I know a couple of owners like that. Their dogs can do no wrong in their eyes and are always "just playing". hmm

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