Which of these would a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel be?

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Freezby Wed 16-Jan-19 11:25:36

Not full grown yet but want it to last until he is. Any ideas? I'm lost.

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Gunpowder Wed 16-Jan-19 11:28:17

Medium I reckon. Our Cav was a big one and greedy grin and 11kg full grown.

missbattenburg Wed 16-Jan-19 11:28:56

No idea what this is for but a healthy CKCS would end up weighing around 6-8kg when fully grown.

PlayingGrownUp Wed 16-Jan-19 11:29:10

Medium according to that defs

Patchworksack Wed 16-Jan-19 11:29:50

I'd say medium.

Namechangeforthiscancershit Wed 16-Jan-19 11:30:25

Annoyingly, I think between small and medium. Mine is 8 months and quite tall and lanky for a CKCS and he weighs just over 7kg

Freezby Wed 16-Jan-19 11:31:54

Thanks all! Medium it is

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DogInATent Wed 16-Jan-19 12:31:26

What is this for? - a harness or a lead. If it's a harness it seems a bit vague.

DogInATent Wed 16-Jan-19 12:34:46

Dog carrier?
In which case I'd go for the large, if you think you need one (not something I'd bother with)

Freezby Wed 16-Jan-19 12:38:59

@DogInATent Yes dog car seat. He really struggles with the car at the moment he's attached to the seatbelt via a seatbelt strap and lies on a dog bed - good in theory but he just desperately tries to climb into the front and ends up awkward hanging from the seat and I have to pull over constantly to put him back. If we allow the strap enough room and try to put him in a bed on the floor again he desperately tries to clamber into the front and manages to force his way on top of the handbreak and cries constantly. Hoping he'll cope better if he's zipped into a nice little bed! He's fine curled in the car on someone's lap but just hates anything else. I need to try something!

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Lucisky Wed 16-Jan-19 15:02:27

I've got a seat belt thing for my dog (it clips into the seat belt holder and onto her harness). I only have it long enough for her to sit or lie in one spot, certainly not long enough for her to fall into the footwell. If your dog can get onto the handbrake it's too long. Have you tried shortening it?

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