Worktop surfing!

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Girlintheframe Tue 15-Jan-19 08:35:44

Hi all

Pup is now 6 months old and has started jumping up to surf the kitchen worktop.
I’ve been teaching him the command off and he gets a treat when he does it however I get the feeling he is now jumping up just to be told off and get the treat!
We can’t close the kitchen area off as our house is open plan.
Not sure what else to try? Do you think a time out every time I caught him would help (he jumps up right in front of me so plenty of opportunity!)


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gambaspilpil Tue 15-Jan-19 09:21:19

Different giving treats for coming back when called when doing off lead walks but being told to get off a work top would be a loud ‘down’ and then nothing. He needs to know that a forceful down is him being told off. And if he kept doing it , it would be time out. Others may come along with better advice than me!

missbattenburg Tue 15-Jan-19 09:24:47

Here, Battendog gets pushed off the counter with a neutral "down" at the same time. Repeated ad nauseum.

More importantly than that (I think) we now never leave food on the counter so the action is never rewarded. It's reduced considerably since it's hay day - when he managed to lick the cheese sauce off a lasagne grin

Girlintheframe Tue 15-Jan-19 09:33:06

Thank you

Ha Yes Miss Battenburg we have a Tiramasu incident at Christmas!
I will try what you have both suggested. Tbh don’t think he even realises it’s unwamted behaviour as he blatantly does it in front of me confused

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Wolfiefan Tue 15-Jan-19 09:36:47

Of course he does it in front of you. To get a treat. grin
Reward the behaviour you want and prevent that you don’t. Is there no way to use room dividers etc for now? NEVER leave anything out ever.

woolduvet Tue 15-Jan-19 09:52:18

Mine have sadly just learnt this, I've lost a whole French stick one week, the next week I found one in his bed licking a block of butter. Gits!

Detoxpup Tue 15-Jan-19 09:54:35

Drop treats on the floor at randon intervals rather than just to get him off the counter. He will then be looking for treats on the floor rather than the counter however this may take a while to reinforce as tiramasu is a great treat to find so keep at


missbattenburg Tue 15-Jan-19 10:08:00

@girlintheframe - he's my dog so, you can guess which bit of the lasagne I had to eat grin

Girlintheframe Tue 15-Jan-19 11:51:11

grinim clearly not the only one living with a kitchen thief!
No change of diving the room unfortunately. I will try all the suggestions given
Thanks all

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pineapplebryanbrown Tue 15-Jan-19 11:57:46

This is the exact reason I have small dogs grin

woolduvet Tue 15-Jan-19 12:22:02

Mine were meant to be small...

KipperTheFrog Tue 15-Jan-19 12:25:58

We had this with our rescue. Difference was that the kitchen was closed off. I waited outside the door, heard him jump up then went in and firmly told him down. He never did it again. Couldn't even if he wanted to now, poor old boy. Getting him to stop raiding the fridge was more difficult.
No treats for getting down off the worktop, but random treats on the floor as a pp said.

nellieellie Fri 18-Jan-19 15:09:04

Pups tend to counter surf. I think the only effective way to stop is to ensure there’s nothing there of interest. My worktops were entirely clear when our dog was younger.
If you’re preparing food and he jumps up, put him in another room.

adaline Fri 18-Jan-19 20:44:29

Mine does it all the time given the chance - he's 11 months old.

We just shut him out of the kitchen. We have a baby gate across the door and all our cupboards are child-locked in case he gets in accidentally.

Not worth any risks really - loads of human food is toxic to dogs, plus you have to think about things like cleaning fluids, washing powder and what have you, or them licking an old container and cutting themselves or swallowing something that could cause a blockage.

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