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car trouble

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missbattenburg Sun 13-Jan-19 22:14:23

I think I would try:

- putting him somewhere secure in the car that is his own space (behind a gate in the boot, for e.g.)
- spending time with him in there, car not moving and tossing treats in through the bars
- when he settles to that, doing the same but with the car moving
- when he settles to that, asking someone else to do the same with the car still

Basically, giving him hundreds (literally) of chances to think someone reaching/getting into the car means treats for him and so isn't a bad thing.

billybagpuss Sun 13-Jan-19 21:58:51

Where is he in the car and how old is he? Is it worth getting a travel crate for him? Billy pup was much happier when she started having her own space in the boot.

joystir59 Sun 13-Jan-19 21:56:04

Our dog is ok getting into the car but then goes ballistic trying to attack everyone else who gets in the car. it is as if a switch has been activated. after a few minutes and lots of soothing reassurance the aggression gradually subsides and he settles down and returns to his normal self.. He is so bad that he has to be muzzled throughout all car journeys to ensure that he doesn't seriously bite anyone.
i would like to know if anyone else experiences this with their dog and if anyone has any suggestions.

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