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Restarting house training for third time

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Noonlit Sun 13-Jan-19 21:26:08

I'm at my wits end with ddog. He's nearly a year old. When we got him as a pup we did house training with puppy pads, waking up multiple times a night to take him out, we thought we'd got there but at 8 months he was still having occasional accidents in the house too much, google said all you can do is go back to basics so we did and again we thought we'd got there. He goes all day without peeing in the house but every evening pisses all over the carpet in the living room. We let him out regularly, but like for example he'd just been outside for 15 minutes, came in and peed on the carpet straight after. It's so frustrating how he's fine all day, and over night, but every bloody evening he does this all over the carpet.
I know there's not much I can do other than go back to basics again but I just want to cry. Does anyone have any advice sad

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Lucisky Sun 13-Jan-19 22:20:03

Get rid of the pads if you are still using them. All they do is let a dog feel it's okay to go indoors.
When he goes out, do you go with him? You need to wait out there until he has actually peed. Do you have a key word for him to pee? I have always used 'spend a penny', others might use 'hurry up'. Although I expect you are doing all this somehow. My last dog went through a stage of refusing to pee in the garden, but if I walked him up the road he would go straight away because he had the scent of other dogs to encourage him, so you could try a short pee walk in the evening.
Your carpet smells like his perfect loo now. You will have to clean it with a special enzyme cleaner to get rid of the urine smell. It might help if you can cover that particular area too, with a loose rug/table. In the evening keep him on a lead so you can monitor him, or you can get those tethering leads (I've never used one, so not sure of the correct name). Some breeds take much longer to house train than others. What breed is he?

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