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Missing puppy 😢

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Theoldways Sat 12-Jan-19 19:33:43

Please could anyone help me? A friend of mine had her 7 month old Border Terrier pup go missing 6 days ago, we've done absolutely everything possible on the ground to try and find her but drawn a huge blank. Having to face up to the possibility that she may have been stolen, where would we start looking please? Everyone is frantic but out of new ideas thank you.

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StrongTea Sat 12-Jan-19 19:37:23

Is she on doglost? Good luck finding her

Theoldways Sat 12-Jan-19 19:49:55

Yes she is on there, is there anything else to be done?

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doggydoodoo1 Sat 12-Jan-19 19:50:14

Doglost are great, give lots of advice. Put the details on the local Facebook pages. What area did the pup go missing from?

Theoldways Sat 12-Jan-19 19:51:17


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TopBitchoftheWitches Sat 12-Jan-19 19:52:15

What's the circumstances of the puppy going missing?
She/he might be close by.

Notageek Sat 12-Jan-19 19:55:41

Facebook, Lostbox and apparently leave an item of clothing with the owners scent on and some food in the area they were last seen.

Theoldways Sat 12-Jan-19 19:55:56

Hi there, she went running off with her mum, mum came back, pup didn't. Checked everywhere exhaustively, fear she could be down a hole. Have left a coat nearby, had a camera up the drains, drone up in the air and many people searching the area, terrier man has been out too to try and find her. Posters up locally.

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StrongTea Sat 12-Jan-19 20:14:51

Posters in all local vets, posties sorting office, local taxi firms, some rescues have traps which they may loan if you think she is nearby.

SlothMama Sat 12-Jan-19 20:54:29

Share a post about them on social media, asking others to share if they've been stolen it'll make them too hot to handle.

Is she micro-chipped or tattooed?

adaline Sat 12-Jan-19 21:02:44

Have you gone out with her mum to see if she can find her?

StrongTea Sat 12-Jan-19 21:29:46

Bit of a long shot but I remember years ago reading that someone had lost their 2 dogs and they got them back by driving near to where they were lost, sounding the car horn and driving very slowly round the area. Dogs recognised sound of the engine.

Theoldways Sat 12-Jan-19 21:51:01

Thank you everyone. She's microchipped and yes have gone back many times with the mother. Unfortunately no roads (or fortunately maybe) in the nearby vicinity.

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Theoldways Sat 12-Jan-19 21:58:54

My biggest fear is that she's been stolen to be used in a puppy farm. Her chip would be useless then sad. I suspect more likely she's down a hole somewhere and can't get back out.

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Cheripie64 Sun 13-Jan-19 14:30:06

Any news?
Twitter is quite good to raise awareness. Dogslost is on there. But you can retweet

NicoAndTheNiners Sun 13-Jan-19 14:33:03

I read about a woman who specialises in searching for missing dogs using her dog to sniff them out. I can't remember her details but if you google you may find her. There was a dog missing at the big national trust place Clumber Park for days and this woman found the dog.

mrsjoyfulprizeforraffiawork Sun 13-Jan-19 15:41:06

Dog tracker lady is K9 tracker - you can google to find her. She is called jenny and her tracker dog is Tiga.

Theoldways Sun 13-Jan-19 18:03:03

No news I'm afraid sadly. Thank you so much re the K9 tracker lady, had messaged her yesterday but not heard back. Just do not know what to do now...

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FinnegansWhiskers Mon 14-Jan-19 01:10:00

My neighbours puppy got spooked and ran off. He was missing for 3 days. Neighbour was inconsolable, as like you, she thought pup had been picked up for dog baiting. She posted on FB local group and everyone shared in the area and beyond.

3 days later neighbour got a call from someone saying they believed the dog was under their car and it was to scared to come out. Neighbour went straight to the address and pup was under the car, tucked up against the back wheel, shaking. He had probably been there for the 3 days as the car hadn't been moved over the weekend.

It's worth putting a FB post out on a local page asking everyone to check underneath their cars and any bushes around their houses. Good Luck. I hope the pup is home soon 😢

Theoldways Mon 14-Jan-19 09:48:48

Many thanks finegan, so good to hear positive stories like that. Pup has been missing for 8 days now, we're not giving up hope yet! Have done lots of sharing on FB in the hope that yes someone just takes a look in their barn or something and there she is. Thank you all again x

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FinnegansWhiskers Mon 14-Jan-19 23:19:18

Theoldways Hope pup is found soon. Please let us know if he turns up. What area are you? You don't have to give exact but if you are anywhere near Wales I would do my best to put word around and help in any way I can. Poor pup (and owner)

Cello4 Tue 15-Jan-19 00:56:17

Hi, Lots of great ideas and advice here. Also, try contacting your local Radio Station.

So hope your puppy is reunited safe and well.

Cello x

Theoldways Tue 15-Jan-19 12:39:47

Finnegan we are in the SE Home Counties but thank you anyway.

I must admit I think everyone is feeling a bit down now, 9 days and not a single sighting even. The general consensus is that she went off down a rabbit hole and got stuck sad. The mum and her both ran to the same point seemingly but only the mum came back. There really aren't any roads close by, only a single track lane which is the opposite direction to home. Everyone is still walking and searching the fields, hedges, ditches, drainpipes etc and there is the owner's coat being left there but....... what else can anyone do? Cello yes there was a mention on the local radio station, I feel like we have exhausted pretty much all options though if I'm honest. Who knows though, she may yet surprise us and pop up out of no-where.

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sillysmiles Tue 15-Jan-19 17:11:02

Have you taken the mum back to the area she was lost in?

FinnegansWhiskers Tue 15-Jan-19 21:30:58

Theoldways I'm so sorry 😪 The only thing I can come up with is that it sounds, as you say, the pup has become stuck, in the countryside. That, in itself, is heart breaking 💔 At least your neighbour can rest knowing the pup hasn't been used as bait by thugs for their fighting dogs.

As horrible and heart breaking losing the pup is, there can be no more horrific death than being used as bait 😭

I am genuinely sorry for your neighbours loss, and the fate of the pup, of course. 9 days missing is too long....prepare for the worst but please don't give up hope ❤

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