Ideas for New Puppy kit

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ineedsomeinspiration Fri 11-Jan-19 15:05:59

Mum and Dad are getting a new puppy soon after loosing there beautiful,special old boy last year. Pic of him in his prime! It's been nearly 16 years since they had a pup!

I was thinking of taking the kids out to choose some bits to make up a little new Puppy gift hamper type thing. Would love some ideas of essentials they may need as well as nice extras.

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Namechangeforthiscancershit Fri 11-Jan-19 15:06:54

Awww what a gorgeous boy.

What sort of puppy are they getting? I can give you spaniel ideas!

Namechangeforthiscancershit Fri 11-Jan-19 15:12:52

Non breed specific:

- I have a little poo bag dispenser with hand sanitiser which I like and is always much admired
- puppy kong
- paw wipes (if they are quite houseproud!)
- chews to buy them some peace and quiet
- nice fleece to sleep on
- gin for the first night grin
- puppy sitting/walking vouchers from the kids (depending on age and responsibility I guess)
- 5 new phone chargers to replace all the ones that will get munched grin
- puppy milestone cards for photo purposes (ok maybe not that as your parents are probably not as nuts as I am...)

ineedsomeinspiration Fri 11-Jan-19 15:22:46

Namechangeforthiscancershit A medium sized cross breed, border collies are probably a bit much now they're in their 60's. Although they are both still very active and Dad will most likely do Agility with it.

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AvocadosBeforeMortgages Fri 11-Jan-19 15:23:08

Some good quality training treats
Puppy kong
ID tags (doesn't need dog's name, just owner surname; legal requirement)

ineedsomeinspiration Fri 11-Jan-19 15:25:21

I've already got them tidying up all the cables and Grandchildren's toys. I secretly want a Puppy too but we don't really have space for 2 dogs and I know I don't have the time....

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adaline Fri 11-Jan-19 16:31:46

Lots and lots of chew toys
Maybe a toy box for all its things?
Stuffed animals for it to play with


ineedsomeinspiration Fri 11-Jan-19 20:51:54

Thanks adaline. Does anyone know where you can get those softer fleece type roughies or if you can make your own?

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ineedsomeinspiration Fri 11-Jan-19 20:54:08

AvocadosBeforeMortgages any recommendations for the training treats?

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Namechangeforthiscancershit Fri 11-Jan-19 20:57:15

My doggle loves these

uhtredsonofuhtred Fri 11-Jan-19 20:57:41

Lots and lots and I mean lots of chew toys and about the same amount of puppy pads 

adaline Sat 12-Jan-19 09:01:10

I wouldn't bother with puppy pads - in my experience they just encourage toileting inside. Take them out every 20 minutes, go with them, teach a command and praise/treat.

They'll pick it up much quicker if they have to go outside every single time rather than be allowed to go inside on occasion too.

Namechangeforthiscancershit Sat 12-Jan-19 09:14:27

I didn’t do puppy pads either though I was given lots so I have a big bag of them. Any suggestions for alternative uses? Or would an animal shelter use them if I donated them?

adaline Sat 12-Jan-19 09:19:49

You could always put them on Gumtree or Marketplace?

missbattenburg Sat 12-Jan-19 11:16:39

- Clicker
- Whistle
- Training treats: Vets Kitchen or Feelwells are popular here
- Pippa Mattinson's Happy Puppy Handbook
- A voucher for a day of puppy sitting - or whatever time you feel comfortable with
- A sling for taking puppy out before vaccinations
- A pouch like this for carrying treats on walks and at agility etc]]
- A gentle, soft puppy brush

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