Found out my dog has cancer today

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whiteplimsolls Thu 10-Jan-19 21:21:23

My 11 yo dog had a scan today and a small lump was discovered in his bladder - it's likely to be malignant.

I'm going to phone our vet tomorrow to discuss what we will do next - operate and do as much as possible or leave and make him as comfortable as he can be. The first option might see him live a year, but the second only 3-6 months.

I'd really love to hear anyone else's experience and advice. I'm finding it very difficult to think about at the moment,

Thank you smile

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Daisybuttons Thu 10-Jan-19 21:28:06


Didn't want to read and run. 3 years ago we found out our dog had lymphoma at 14 years old. He had absolutely no symptoms but one day I spotted a sudden swelling under his jaw and knew right away that it wasn't good. Made a vets appointment that night and she said that it was what we thought it was. She had said that he could have chemo but she didn't think at his age it would be fair and there was no guarantee it would prolong or better his life. She started him on steroids and just just we would know when it was time. I remember thinking, how on earth would we and I'm a nurse. He had a further 10 days and even on the day before he passed I have photos of him running about loving life in the snow. Im glad we didn't do chemo and he got to enjoy the short period after diagnosis happy and as far as we could tell pain free.

I think in your heart you'll know what is the right decision for you and your dog and that might be to operate or it might not be.

Thinking of you x

Girlintheframe Thu 10-Jan-19 21:38:40

Our lovely lab was diagnosed with lung cancer at age 11.

He was sent to an animal hospital in the next city where they did a biopsy, bloods and scan. They said they could remove the tumor and that he would need chemo afterwards. The most it would give him was a year. It was such a hard decision and we thought long and hard about it. In the end we decided not to treat the cancer and spent the next 3 months doing all the things he loved. We knew he was going down hill but still seemed happy in himself, eating, wanting his walk etc. When the day came we absolutely knew. Our lovely vet came to our house and he was PTS surrounded by his family cuddling and stroking him.

Best thing you can do is gather as much information as you can then go with whatever your gut is telling you. You know your dog better than anyone else.

missbattenburg Mon 14-Jan-19 09:21:39

OP, bumping this for you in case anyone else has advice. flowers

Otterseatpuffinsdontthey Mon 14-Jan-19 09:22:45


Inforthelonghaul Mon 14-Jan-19 09:35:19

Better a day early than a day too late was what our vet told us. Once they’re in pain or doped up on painkillers it’s too late. Have a couple of days of cuddles, treats and favourite walks then let them go (preferably at home and surrounded with love).

They can’t tell you when it’s too late.

It’s a truly horrible decision and one we’ve made very recently. Right now the only thing keeping us going is that we did what’s right for her not us.

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