Dog doesn't really sleep during the day

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supergrains Thu 10-Jan-19 00:05:50

Is that normal?
She sleeps very deeply at night (I know because she sleeps on my bed and I'm a light sleeper, up to 10 hours as I go to bed very early to watch TV then don't move blush.
However, during the day she follows me around, or I take her to work and as I move around she generally follows. I don't have much of a routine with my work, and its active, or I work from home and potter around a lot, I generally don't sit down for more than 20 mins.
I think she partly follows me around because of this lack of routine, because she never knows when its walk time as that isn't set either.
(I do feed her at a set time, and let her out for toilet breaks after meals & plus during the day).
She generally has a good hour walk off lead a day, and runs around like a loon a lot of it, never by my side!
She's about 8kg, mixed breed and unknown age, but about 12-24 months by her behaviour and a vets estimate (she's a rescue with no history).
Just wondering if this is normal, all my other dogs have slept loads during the day lucky bastards.

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Normalnorman Thu 10-Jan-19 03:41:49

You're probably right in thinking the lack of routine could be one cause. Dogs like structure, routine and generally feel more content, secure and confident when they have a set “something” if you will and more so with rescue dogs particularly at such a young age.

A simple but effective schedule for early morning / evening walks could help and in-between whether you're at work or home I'd suggest giving her a space that's her own to relax and chill.

Mental stimulation and activity games are a great way to combat and improve confidence but starting with a simple schedule and a bed of her own will keep her occupied and get her used to getting herself down and comfy on her bed whilst you're working.

If you imagine it from her angle she's not sure where you're going when you get up and go make a brew and isn't sure whether she should come, go or what to do so just getting her into a mindset that doesn't make her feel unsure or worried will make a huge difference.

We have dogs that barely sleep 1-hour in a day though but we've had several rescues and fosters all of which settled quickly and thrived with a good routine.

Doesn't sound like yours is unduly stressed or anxious though but even still she'll feel more relaxed and able to kick back and “Ahhhhh....” once she knows where to do it and when smile

Girlintheframe Thu 10-Jan-19 06:14:48

Our pup has never slept a great deal during the day. He will doze but he wants to follow me around where ever I go. I used to really fret about it as he was sleeping no where near the hours puppies are meant to sleep. However like your dog he has always slept really well at night. Usually he settles down in the living room about 8.30pm. We go to bed ridiculously early too so around 9.30 when we put him in his crate and that’s him until 6am (7am at weekends)

He is walked regularly, eats his dinner from a snuffle mat, does training everyday and sometimes goes to doggy day care. This is his sleep routine regardless of how much physical or mental stimulation he has had. He seems to be doing okay on it though.

Thesepreciousthings Thu 10-Jan-19 11:37:00

My dog is 3 and only sleeps if I’m sat/laid down with him but sleeps very well at night and if I go out during the day. I don’t work due to health problems so don’t have too much of a routine. In my case, my dog is a Velcro dog and I think he can’t bear the thought of missing something or something edible falling on the floor.

Ellapaella Thu 10-Jan-19 12:49:41

My lab is 18months. On the days the kids are at school she will have lots of long naps in between her walk with me in the morning and her afternoon walk. On the weekends when the kids are around she barely sleeps at all, she just gets caught up in the excitement of a busy noisy house!
When I take her out in the morning I do lots of ball throwing etc so she gets lots of sprints, she also loves swimming in the sea so I think this really tires her out.

supergrains Fri 11-Jan-19 01:01:16

Thanks for all the replies and especially to normal for your advice.
She's a very happy go lucky dog, but doesn't like me to be out of her sight indoors....outdoors she's got good recall, but is very happy dashing around chasing birds, and having a good run, not always playing attention to me.
I wouldn't describe her as particularly anxious, but she is a semi-Velcro dog, which I've never had, takes a lot of getting used to....on the odd occasion she doesn't follow me, I go back and check on her (I do usually come to my senses and make myself stop!).
I was curious rather than worried about the sleep, but will keep an eye on it and implement some of the suggestions

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adaline Fri 11-Jan-19 08:59:34

If it's normal for her then it's fine. Personally I don't think it's normal for dogs to sleep all day unless they're very young (puppies) or old. Healthy, young active dogs shouldn't be asleep all day long.

Mine wakes at 7am when our alarm goes and he'll stay awake until about 11am - then he naps for a few hours, has another walk, maybe sleeps for an hour or so and then is awake until bedtime. If I move around and potter during the day he follows me everywhere - he only really sleeps if I'm not doing anything!

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