Does my dog know if I put him to bed early?

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halseyx Wed 09-Jan-19 20:55:39

Not feeling great tonight and getting an early night. Dh is away. Normally turn lights out and put puppy in his room at 10.30pm, but I've done it now. Would he understand that it's earlier than normal? I know dogs don't have the same concept of time as we do. He always cries a bit after we first go upstairs but feel like he's cried for longer than normal. Feeling really guilty sad

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MsMightyTitanAndHerTroubadours Wed 09-Jan-19 20:58:19

he'll probably have you up early!

We have had dogs who know the time to the minute almost! Just try and get a decent night yourself and feel better soon!

picklemepopcorn Wed 09-Jan-19 20:58:20

He should be ok. Mine doesn't bother too much. You need to do what you need to do. I tried to let mine sleep on my bed once, because I was feeling really rough. He wasn't having any of it... fussed until I put him in his crate. There is a bedtime routine, and we have to follow it. If you follow the routine, it must be bedtime!

Feel better soon!

bengalcat Wed 09-Jan-19 20:59:25

Lol no - my dog takes herself off to bed early anyway

halseyx Wed 09-Jan-19 21:00:51

Thanks all. Think it's the pregnancy hormones but hearing his little cries is making me feel so guilty I keep nearly going back downstairs. He's a whingy little thing when we don't do what he wants blushgrin

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cowfacemonkey Wed 09-Jan-19 21:01:42

Mine sleeps in my room so doesn’t care what time we go to bed or get up

Wolfiefan Wed 09-Jan-19 21:02:13

Puppy? How old? How long have you had it? Does it need the toilet?


halseyx Wed 09-Jan-19 21:04:40

@Wolfiefan I say puppy he's actually 12 months now. I did let him out before putting him to bed so sure he's fine. He doesn't need letting out overnight the last couple months so hoping the extra hour and a half won't make too much difference, have set alarm slightly earlier just incase. I've had him for 10 months.

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Wolfiefan Wed 09-Jan-19 21:06:14

Hoping you don’t have a pee explosion down there. grin
I still call mine a puppy. She’s over two now.
Honestly? Mine is more likely to be upset because she knew I was unwell than that I put her to bed early. grin

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