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Possible pregnancy - with do I do?

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Bufferingkisses Tue 08-Jan-19 00:31:40

So, background; i am an experienced dog owner. Name changed but there are people here who would have vouched for me over the years having met them irl. Dd is in a hostel. Lots of reasons that are not relevant but the upshot is that I have to supervise her contact with her daughter and spend a massive amount of my time not sleeping for worrying about the new boyfriend/new drug/will she be at contact etc. Tonight I got a call from the police to let me know they have her again. In short she's no help to me right now.

A few weeks ago dd called, she'd decided she wanted a dog and got one off the internet. I'm guessing she was a puppy farmer because the dog is a desirable breed but was delivered 50 miles to my dd for £35 no questions asked having clearly just had a litter. Anyway the hostel dd is in said no way so she brought the dog to me begging my help "until she sorts herself out". Mug that I am couldn't see the poor bitch returned to a puppy farm so agreed for a limited period with a view to taking her to a breed rescue once dd (predictably) stopped fulfilling her side of the bargain. (Sorry that sounds harsh but I know how this goes having been through the same scenario with dd daughter sadly).

So here we are a few weeks later and the dog is an absolute dream. Kindest little thing I've met in a while. Clean, excellent manners, recall etc. Just wants love and exercise (hound breed). Today it clicked, her appetite is massively up the last week and where she had been steadily losing weight (much needed) she's now more... solid in the middle? Told dd she has to get her to the vet tomorrow for scanning then I get the call from the police. Clearly dd is not going to take her to the vet tomorrow.

Wtf do I do? It turns out the same people also gave away a male of the same breed a few days before so perhaps she came to us up duffed? On the other hand dd had her for a few days and refused to leash her resulting in a 24 hour unsupervised jaunt...

This poor bitch deserves a decent home and some decent care not another litter. She's come along so so well since arriving. I know nothing about pups and, realistically, can't afford the fees if a litter goes wrong plus I know nothing about breeding dogs! Having said that I can't just turn her over and declare her someone else's problem to care and pay for?!

I'll take her tomorrow for a scan. If she's early enough or clear she'll be spayed although I've no idea how I'll pay for it - (we currently dont have a dog ourselves because we can't afford the what ifs a dog brings). However what if she's too far on? What the hell do I do then?

Goodness that was long, sorry! TL;DR have been landed with a dog that may be 3 or possibly many more weeks pg. Suggestions please?!

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Kennycalmit Tue 08-Jan-19 00:51:52

Oh op sad

I don’t have much advice I’m afraid. If she isn’t very far gone could you think about terminating the pregnancy?

Perhaps it’s fate that this wonderful dog has ended up with a wonderful person such as yourself! You sound as if you could give her the love she deserves ?

Bufferingkisses Tue 08-Jan-19 01:00:14

Hi Kenny, Thank you, she really is an absolute sweetie sadly her only problem is she can't be left alone. Between us the best we could do would still mean leaving her 2.5 days per week. It's just not enough unless dd can pick up those days which just won't happen long term.

Yes, if she's not far on I would absolutely choose her quality of life over bringing more unplanned puppies into the world. Realistically my fear is that it's too far. My reading online suggests what I'm seeing is 4 - 6 weeks gone. I understand vets will terminate up to 4? Although I'm happy to be corrected on either score!

Actually that's probably what I'm looking for, can anyone give me a clue if what I'm seeing equates to a fairly far on pregnancy? It's confused by the fact she's obviously had one previously of course.

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AvocadosBeforeMortgages Tue 08-Jan-19 07:41:16

How incredibly stressful sad I, too, would be going for an emergency vet visit and would terminate if at all possible.

How long is it since the dog came to you? That, plus dog gestation periods, will give a window for how far along she may be.

If she is pregnant and unable to be terminated, I would seek help from a local dog rehoming organisation. This isn't a situation of your making, and as the usual situation is that a pregnant bitch is left with them, gives birth, puppies are snapped up and mum lingers longer, your dog is in a better position than average if you're willing to keep her (but sweet dog of desirable breed so she wouldn't be there long anyway). It could be that she goes into kennels for the birth (very sensible, as you can't be there 24/7), or you just need help with finding homes for the puppies. To be honest though, no one could judge you if you signed her over for rehoming too; you didn't create the situation, you've been doing your best but it's got much worse than predicted, and you've not really got the finances, time or knowledge to deal with it.

Might you be eligible for PDSA or Blue Cross treatment? Or if you could get your DD there for eligibility purposes....

babysharkah Tue 08-Jan-19 08:46:11

I think you need to speak to a rescue - is there a breed specific one? You daughter can't have responsibility for the dog. If the rescue can help they will be able to refine the pups and hopefully mum after the litter arrives.

Bufferingkisses Tue 08-Jan-19 15:48:00

Right, crisis averted, no pups and she's booked for spaying. brewcake

Next is to deal with the situation with dd and dog but that's another thread for another day.

Thank you everyone for responding, I was having a bit of a panic last night. flowers

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AvocadosBeforeMortgages Tue 08-Jan-19 23:00:38

Thank goodness for that gin Crisis averted!

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