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Acer11 Mon 07-Jan-19 13:53:24

Have just adopted a puppy farm puppy, he is now 16 weeks and have had him for a month. Just want reassurance that to feel totally out of my depth at times is normal. I had to have my 12yr shihtzu put to sleep a year ago (devastating). So didn’t rush into getting another dog but OMG like childbirth I certainly forgot the puppy stage. He’s doing well on the lead just takes me 30 minutes to get out of my street, then he perks up. My main worry is his boundless energy after 2 age appropriate walks, games in the garden and short training sessions. He also enjoys running at my older children’s ankles and slippers at any chance he gets. He is a Schnauzer/shihtzu, am used to the shihtzu breed but not the Schnauzer breed. He does look more mini schnauzer than shihtzu. He is very quick and if anyone could give me advise on brain games we could do or just any advice, such as this is definitely just a stage would be very much appreciated. I am a stay at home mum so starting to feel a bit isolated. He has started a puppy class but he was the youngest and barked more than the other older dogs 🙏🙏🙏

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Doggydoggydoggy Mon 07-Jan-19 14:06:47

Be careful with brain games.
Puppies need a lot of sleep.
He needs to be taught how to relax and be calm.

2 walks, games in the garden and short training sessions is more than enough for a little puppy!

The last thing you want to do is overstimulate him.

Doggydoggydoggy Mon 07-Jan-19 14:08:01

And the running and biting is normal.

And the barking is a schnauzer breed trait.

Acer11 Mon 07-Jan-19 14:30:10

Thank you so much for the advice, think I just need to chill a bit with my new puppy and not stress so much about doing things wrong. 🙏❤️🙏

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