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Calmed Mon 07-Jan-19 17:44:31

I'm just about to get a puppy after losing my beautiful girl of 13 years a while ago. Mixed in with all the excitement of getting a new puppy is a whole lot of sadness re my lost girl. I normally try to not think too deeply about my old girl, as I know it upsets me and I know that nothing will bring her back, but with the new puppy coming, it's hard not to keep thinking about her. I am also apprehensive about coping with a new pup after getting used to my gentle, calm old girl - I know it's going to be very different.

Maybe, in amongst all your concerns re your pup, is sadness too for your old dog and I hope that for you, as well as for me, that will ease over time - especially when the puppy gets older and easier to cope with.

You've given a much needed home to your special pup and you clearly want the best for him - that's the most important thing - we can all only do our best smile

Nesssie Mon 07-Jan-19 13:46:58

You've got 2 threads going. Might be an idea to ask MN to delete one. This is what I wrote on the other thread:

All completely normal. Puppies bite. A lot. And hard. Just keep substituting whatever he is biting with a toy or walk away if possible.

Schnauzers bark, its a breed thing. But you can work on that by rewarding the silence when he sees the trigger, but before he barks.

It all sounds completely normal for owning a puppy, and it sounds like he is coming along well with toilet training and sleeping. Don't worry if he seems to regress at any point, that's normal too - just go back to basics with him.

Keep with the puppy training, and if you feel the barking is too much perhaps mention it to the trainer.

Everyone gets the puppy blues, no matter how many times you've owned a puppy you always get the 'what have I done/I can't cope/I've got the puppy from hell' stage. It'll pass. They always settle down eventually.

Doggydoggydoggy Mon 07-Jan-19 13:41:43

I would say that is very normal.
Most puppies like to bite, especially moving targets like feet.
And most puppies have ‘mad half hours’.
Barking is a common schnauzer trait aswell.

Acer11 Mon 07-Jan-19 13:37:09

Acer11 Mon 07-Jan-19 13:33:45
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Please can anyone give me some advise, I lost my previous dog a year ago at the grand old age of 12. Was completely devastated and waited a year to get another one. Along came my new Puppy Alan who is a schnau-tzu. He is a rescue from a puppy farm. I got him at 11 weeks and he is now 16 weeks. Is it normal to have the rollercoaster of emotions from sending him back to madly in love. I do think he is more schnauzer than shitzu as he is full of energy. Started puppy classes with him on Sunday and he barked a lot *. I have started walking him and he’s doing really well but he does have very mad moments and bites ankles and shoes, feel that I am constantly on high alert. I don’t work so feel quite islolated at the moment. On a positive his potty training is coming along well and he sleeps through the night. Think I would just like some info about terriers as I think that is his dominant gene. This is my first time on mumsnet and would really appreciate feedback as it’s starting to get me down. Thank you 🙏

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