Old boy - chihuahua

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Forgottenmypassword Sun 06-Jan-19 20:06:40

That's really helpful forgotten! I think a chat with the vet is my first port of call, there's so much info on the net and it's just overwhelming!

You're welcome. Hence why CAM was formed, as there was very little evidence based info available to owners, and they are often sent off with medications that they then Google and become too scared to give. The dogs then suffer as the side effect is no pain relief at all! Please have a good look though the website, it is all reputable information. There is also a FB page called Holly's Army, which is a group of owners who all share their tips and stories. It's very supportive and informative smile

Pissedoffdotcom Sun 06-Jan-19 19:46:23

YuMove & turmeric was what we used. And cod liver oil. My girlie was 9 but had a rough background, we reckon she was left to sleep on something hard for ages. The above helped ease her up. We also got her a magnetic collar clip - i know some people find that sort of thing mumbo jumbo but we tried it alongside the supplements & had good results. Defo chat with the vet tho

Fashionista101 Sun 06-Jan-19 19:43:42

That's really helpful forgotten! I think a chat with the vet is my first port of call, there's so much info on the net and it's just overwhelming!

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Forgottenmypassword Sun 06-Jan-19 19:35:19

Supplements are a minefield, as they are a multi million pound business and they aren't required to give any proof that their product works. Caregiver placebo is also a huge problem.

There are studies on chondroitin and glucosamine, but the jury is out as to whether they are beneficial or not, despite popular belief. At the moment, the only supplement with any backing is Omega 3 fatty acids, from a cold marine based source. Yumove 360 Advance is one of the leading companion animal supplements and omega 3s are a large component of these.

IF he does have arthritis, and it is very early stages then supplements might help. The mainstay treatment are non-steroidal anti inflammatories, and unfortunately many dogs are compensating for joint pain elsewhere in their body long before an owner notices that anything is wrong. He may need pain relief first, which could buy you some time then to consider other forms of treatment/pain relief or he may need NSAIDs long term. It depends what stage he is at. Link to a conversation about supplements and NSAIDs here: caninearthritis.co.uk/cam-conversation-with-cam-gwen-covey-crump-about-nsaids-versus-neutraceuticals/

By being proactive, adapting lifestyle and exercise, looking at weight, therapies like hydrotherapy etc, then you can slow the disease down. But you need a diagnosis first smile

Fashionista101 Sun 06-Jan-19 19:20:08

Thanks for the replies and will defs take on board all of the advise I can get.

Any one used Glucosamine & Condroiton? That's what's the old English used to have.

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missbattenburg Sun 06-Jan-19 18:37:48

Yumove gets a lot of great reviews from people...

Forgottenmypassword Sun 06-Jan-19 18:25:50

Please see website Canine Arthritis Management, plus Facebook page.

Heaps of advice on how to manage your dog, from home adaptations (avoid slippery floors/stairs etc) to medications, complementary therapies, supplements, how to recognise chronic pain and pages more.

First of all, get a diagnosis from your vet. There are many reasons for dogs to "slow down", it is not always arthritis.


BettyBooJustDoinTheDoo Sun 06-Jan-19 18:21:54

I’m in the same position my little terrier is 10 and now can’t get up the last few steps without being carried and she stretches her back legs a lot after lying down, she definitely can’t jump like she used too, I feel so sad, have had her since a tiny puppy and hate to see the change in her but I suppose a 70 year old human is not as sprightly as they used to be either! I am looking into supplements to oil her joints as it were, currently investigating fish oils and they look quite promising so think I will give them a try.

Fashionista101 Sun 06-Jan-19 18:12:09

Hi, my dog recently turned 10.

He is very healthy and active still. But I can see he's starting to slow down. Today my partner took him for his morning walk then I met my friend for a walk this afternoon.

I think for the first time I can start to see signs he's stiffening up sad

What can I do to aid him? Supplements?

A few years ago now I used to get my old English sheepdog something herbal from the health shop but I can't remember what and I imagine the dosage would be different (even human to dog never mind OESD to chi)

Any advise grateful x

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