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Grandadwasthatyou Sun 06-Jan-19 17:31:11

Have been thinking about getting a dog for a long time. We have looked around the local rescue centre but they are mainly lurchers, greyhounds and staffies which my dh
is slightly allergic to.

A friend has a labradoodle which he seems fine with but we do not want to go down the puppy route as I gather it is difficult to tell what type of coat it will have until it's older and naturally we would need a curly coat.

We have seen an advert on pets4home ( a reputable site I believe unless I am told otherwise ) which has a 2 year old for sale due to family reasons which seem valid and we have exchanged a few emails in which I have asked about background, temperament etc. He is chipped, neutered, vaccinated etc.

What other sort of questions should I be asking before we make the long trip to go and see him? I just feel a bit nervous for some reason as it is a big decision.

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BiteyShark Sun 06-Jan-19 17:38:50

What are the reasons? Unless you know them personally and have seen the dog for months before I wouldn't believe a thing they say. A 2 year old labradoodle could be well into their stubborn stage and if they haven't bothered training (toilet, obedience, recall amongst others) could be a bit of a handful. Lots of dogs get rehomed around this age because they are no longer a puppy anymore and they have no time for them. You might be lucky and they are genuine but then why are they not rehoming through a charity that vets and supports new owners.

By the way pets4homes is a website much like eBay for buying or selling.

Detoxpup Sun 06-Jan-19 17:43:47

I would not agree that Pets4homes is a reputable site. Personally I would avoid buying an animal this way.

As you do not want a puppy the rescue would be a better route to try

I would start with the Doodle Trust and they can direct you to more local doodle rescues Doodle Trust

Grandadwasthatyou Sun 06-Jan-19 17:53:46

Thank you. I think my gut feeling was telling me this anyway which is why I was feeling nervous rather than excited.
Will investigate the Doodle Trust.

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BiteyShark Sun 06-Jan-19 17:57:09

I think I would only rehome privately if I knew the person and dog very well and therefore was fully prepared for any financial (vet) or behavioural issues.

I think you are right to look elsewhere.

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