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Dog with sore eye

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BiteyShark Sun 06-Jan-19 19:28:16

Hope it's something simple.

When mine has had eye issues they checked them by using some kind of fluorescent drops to see the eye ball clearly iirc and they warned me it would take a while for it to clear. He looked like a zombie dog for a few hours grin

Moondancer73 Sun 06-Jan-19 19:21:38

Yes, heading over there in the morning as soon as I can get an appointment. I'd have taken him today if they were open

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Whoseranium Sun 06-Jan-19 15:16:30

I'm with Bitey, it's absolutely not worth taking any risks with eyes. Definitely get him in at the vets as soon as possible.

BiteyShark Sun 06-Jan-19 14:10:30

Honestly you need to go to the vets. My vets always push me in for same day appointments when I mention anything to do with eyes because they don't like to take any chances with them.

Whilst vets are pricey I wouldn't take any chances with my own eye sight and definitely don't recommend you waiting on an obvious gooey eye.

Moondancer73 Sun 06-Jan-19 13:51:11

My poor boy has a sore eye. It's been gooey for three or four days so I've been bathing with a cooled solution of chamomile tea but it's not improved sadly so I think unfortunately it's the vets tomorro for us. I like to try herbal remedies first unless he's obviously very poorly but I do worry about him. Vets are such ridiculous money though sad

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