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Low fat diet: What to give my dog

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florriepeck Sun 06-Jan-19 11:26:18

My elderly rescue Collie cross was very poorly over Christmas, with pancreatitis and gastrointestinal lesions.
He has now recovered, but the vet has advised a low fat diet, ie less than 2%.
Have been giving him plain turkey and cod and poached chicken, and Royal Canin low fat tinned food.
Any ideas for what else I could make for him?
He's a fussy eater; just want to build up his strength and let him enjoy life again; he lost a lot of weight in just a few weeks.

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AvocadosBeforeMortgages Sun 06-Jan-19 11:52:45

Egg whites, raw or cooked. They're 0.2% fat and full of protein. The yolks are relatively fatty so avoid those. allows you to filter by fat content, though I don't know if you'll find one that's as low as 2%

babysharkah Sun 06-Jan-19 11:56:14

Oh same here! Ddog was admitted Boxing Day with pancreatitis and has since been diagnosed with diabetes. He is on the hills w/d wet and we are going to start adding in the kibble.

Apparently a lot of dogs do well on chappie which is low fat enough for the pancreatitis although I would imagine the actual quality of it isn't great.

Detoxpup Sun 06-Jan-19 11:56:19

low fat nutriment

NewYoiker Fri 11-Jan-19 01:09:58

Tracker by Millie's Wolfheart our dog has lost 7kg (very rotund rescue) he's happy on it

Lonecatwithkitten Fri 11-Jan-19 06:53:32

When you look for a low fat food it is really important you use dry matter for example the nutriment linked too is 5.2% fat ( not a low fat food at that level), but this is wet matter. When you correct for the 73% moisture it is actually 19.3% fat a really, really high fat food.

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