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Unmumsyme Fri 04-Jan-19 21:40:21

If it wasn’t for this my 18mth old would be pretty perfect! She has SO much love to share and will still bounce around and jump up if excited. Obviously this isn’t acceptable so I have her on lead/long line depending on situation (& off lead in a hired field). Her recall has dramatically improved, but not 100% reliable around ‘interesting’ distractions yet.

I have a few ideas about resolving this, but would love to hear other suggestions & experiences too. I can’t wait until I can relax a bit out & about!,

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missbattenburg Fri 04-Jan-19 22:19:49

For me the answer has been being uber strict with anyone who wants to greet Battendog. I have turned into someone pretty grumpy and firm about not giving him eye contact or fuss unless he has all four paws on the floor and isn't making any noise. I relax a bit with strangers who insist on saying hi to me, if he is on a lead and I am able to stand over him and keep him on the ground.

He's a quick learner so should be fine - if everyone listens to me grin

Doggydoggydoggy Fri 04-Jan-19 22:44:55

I agree.
You can’t train the dog without training people.
For as long as people pet her and smile and insist ‘oh it’s okay, I don’t mind’ she will never stop.

missbattenburg Fri 04-Jan-19 22:57:01

Correction - strangers who insist on saying hi to HIM. Whether or not they say hi to me is irrelevant grin

skywolf Fri 04-Jan-19 23:58:59

I feel your frustration. It used to drive me mad when out walking my dogs 'in training' and strangers would stop and pat their own legs to encourage the dogs to jump up for a cuddle angry I understood their desire to greet new(to them) dogs but when it happens for the thirtieth time during your walk and your dogs think that bouncing up at people is the thing to do, regardless of how hard you work trying to teach them that it is NOT okay to do does get wearisome hmm

BiteyShark Sat 05-Jan-19 07:23:31

Yes I have that issue. In the house when we have someone round to do a job I find that if I put BiteyDog behind a babygate and then let him greet them after a couple of minutes he is all tail wagging but no jumping ( those few minute have calmed him down a bit).

Outside is difficult because if we are on lead lots of people want to fuss him because he's a spaniel and still looks like a puppy even though he is an adult but now I hold the lead short and explain I am trying to stop him jumping and effectively use myself to stop him bouncing about because otherwise strangers just encourage it sad

missbattenburg Sat 05-Jan-19 08:37:09

When they are young you want them to meet all kinds of people and dogs and think you want them to love them all and think everyone is super fun. At least, I did. If I ever did puppying again I think I'd be aiming for the dog to think everyone else is boring grin It must be much easier that way...

Unmumsyme Sat 05-Jan-19 10:23:49

100% agree with all the above! missbattenburg absolutely...I definitely fell into this trap (with the help of well meaning advice and puppy books 🙄) Next time (hah!) we’ll be seeing lots of things, but learning that interacting with them is not necessarily going to happen!!!

So now we’re undoing all of that experience. It’s incredibly hard when we’re out Biteyshark, I have the same reactions as you. She is VERY pretty (even if I do say so myself) and I suspect is always going to look like an overgrown puppy. I need to grow a thicker skin and just be a bit blunt with people don’t I 🙈. Funnily enough she can be in a busy environment and will happily walk past and ignore people. It’s almost as soon as someone says ‘hello’. Or in quieter locations when she’s already overexcited by running/playing.....

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adaline Sat 05-Jan-19 13:43:58

Ah I feel your pain! Mine is one next month and fine in most aspects apart from jumping at everyone! He's a nightmare - he just wants to say hello and because he's indulged on walks (we walk on a beach with loads of other dogs and owners) and gets a fuss and a treat, he says hello to everyone by leaping at them!

He's okay in the house and doesn't jump up at us as much anymore but he does it constantly when we're out. I have to be so alert and keep him on a really tight lead in public spaces or where there are crowds!

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