So how do i rehome a dog when we have children?

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Wishiwasrunning2 Thu 03-Jan-19 19:29:28

Just been kept hanging on by a rescue for a week who had said to call them back tonight about a dog, only to find out that they have let another family without children visit and reserve the dog. No other dog on their site has been suitable to live with kids for weeks and weeks. Feeling really disheartened as this will happen every time as they only have one foster family with visiting children to assess the dogs.

Are there any other rescues that rehome to families with kids? Dogs trust and RSPCA seem to be a no.

Starting to see why people end up buying dogs from the internet tbh. Not that it's something I'd ever do.

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Whatsnewwithyou Thu 03-Jan-19 19:32:07

The greyhound trust regimes when children are present, and greyhounds are wonderful loving dogs.

Whatsnewwithyou Thu 03-Jan-19 19:32:29


Singlenotsingle Thu 03-Jan-19 19:33:18

I did. Although she's a very yappy dog, totally unsuitable for a family with kids. AND she had cherry eye! (Sorry, going off on a tangent there).

Beamur Thu 03-Jan-19 19:35:19

Be patient. The right dog is worth waiting for, it's important to be matched up with the right animal when you have kids too.
How old are your kids? Is a puppy an option for you?

GemmeFatale Thu 03-Jan-19 19:39:12

Would you meet the criteria to foster?

Wishiwasrunning2 Thu 03-Jan-19 19:40:07

Thanks for the replies. I'd love a greyhound, although my husband isn't keen but I can try and talk him round again. He thinks they're too big, I keep telling him that they curl up small!

I will be patient (I promise!), just wondered if anyone with children had had more success than me. It's so disappointing.

Puppy not an option as I work part time so can't be here 24/7 in the early days and I know how much attention they'd need from reading this board,

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Sortingfinances Thu 03-Jan-19 19:40:50

Whereabouts roughly are you?

Wishiwasrunning2 Thu 03-Jan-19 19:41:16

Can you foster and work part time?

Also, we'd end up living with a dog who is not tested on kids and we would be the tester. Correct me if I'm wrong.

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Wishiwasrunning2 Thu 03-Jan-19 19:41:31

We're in Berkshire

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madvixen Thu 03-Jan-19 19:43:15

You need to approach some of the breed specific rescues rather than the national ones. What sort of dog would you like?

Ylvamoon Thu 03-Jan-19 19:46:31

Have you tried local rescue or a specific breed rescues? They might have what you are looking for.

Sortingfinances Thu 03-Jan-19 19:48:23

I foster, work part time and have kids (and our own rescue dog)!
How old are your kids?
You need a smaller rescue that considers each case individually. If you are not out for too long, or will have a dog walker to break up a longer day.
Don't buy one online if you can avoid.
Have a look at spaniel assist, many tears and paws crossed.
The number of dogs in rescue tends to increase in January sadly.

Santaisfastasleepatlast Thu 03-Jan-19 19:48:43

You need one of these...
As required they fold up small too...

Wishiwasrunning2 Thu 03-Jan-19 19:49:46

So a medium sized dog, but I think Lab would be too bouncy.

We'd be happy with any breed dog who is happy with two walks a day, lots of love and is reasonably calm in the house.

We've had a very hard work rescue dog before we had kids so don't really want to deal with significant behavioural issues again.

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Wishiwasrunning2 Thu 03-Jan-19 19:51:47

Thank you I hadn't heard of spaniel assist and crossed paws, I'll look them up. Do you get to meet the dog with many tears? Before you adopt?

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Wishiwasrunning2 Thu 03-Jan-19 19:52:14

Santa your dogs are beautiful!

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userxx Thu 03-Jan-19 19:52:29

Do try and talk your husband round, greyhounds are the best dogs.

CMOTDibbler Thu 03-Jan-19 19:56:10 rehome to people with children and who work. Keep an eye on fb to see the dogs as they come in, rather than the website which can take longer to update

Sortingfinances Thu 03-Jan-19 20:05:23

Both of those are on Facebook too.
Both send dogs out on home trial before the adoption is completed.
Not sure about many tears.
Lurchers are fab - I'm a convert after fostering several.

Maneandfeathers Thu 03-Jan-19 20:22:52

Have a look at blackretrieverx rescue on Facebook. They rehome all over the UK and have lots of family type dogs.

Santaisfastasleepatlast Thu 03-Jan-19 20:24:48

If you need more convincing...

Wishiwasrunning2 Thu 03-Jan-19 20:29:31

@Santa, are your dogs greyhounds? They look smaller?

But very very lovely

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Wishiwasrunning2 Thu 03-Jan-19 20:31:38

It was a Lurcher we were looking at, I'd think we'd be a good Lurcher home.

I follow black retriever x, will keep checking them too.

Thank you for all the help, hoping I will update you all at some point with our new family member!

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Santaisfastasleepatlast Thu 03-Jan-19 20:34:03

A dm +dd lurcher!! Never been my sort of ddog tbh. Wish I had discovered them years ago for sure!! Very obedient, loving, fans of dc willing to sit and hug them for ages!! Good recall, easy trained, we have dcats and they lick and groom them if dcats are in a good mood!!

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